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There Gonna get me!!

It was around 11pm in november of 2000 and i was chillin with a couple buddies of mine in my basement.

It was around 11pm in november of 2000 and i was chillin with a couple buddies of mine in my basement. Anyways the night earlier i had picked up 3.5G's of Blue caps so i was anxious to dig in. I was planning on only having 2G's knowing the effects of shrooms i didnt want to go overboard. I had made a deal with my friend that i would trade him a G for a dime of hydro. But he never showed so i figured what the hell 3.5 will be fun. WRONG. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE SHROOMS!! I had 2.5 G's and was feeling really nice until about 20 minutes after i popped the other 1 G and thats when all hell broke loose. I was sitting on my computer chair and then i started to feel a swirling sensation. Knowing i had takin to much i was starting to get nervous thinking oh shit what of i cant get out of this. My friends had fallen alseep by this time (about 2:30am) and i started to hear voices in my basement calling me to the back. It was very dark but some how i could see perfectly. As i entered the back i started to feel as if i was walking on grass. Turning around to look back i broke out into a cold sweat. My basement had now diasappered leaving an open forest. I was surrounded by a tribe. I had no clue what they were saying but they were all giving me weird looks. I ran for what seemed like 20 minutes and looking back i had not gone anywhere. I was still in the forest. I found shelter in a near by tree but couldn't sleep because i heard them chanting the same sounds over and over again. The same swirling sensation came back and i had fallen asleep in the tree. When i awoke the next morining i was in my boxers sleeping on my basement stairs.
It was a Scary but awesome trip and for anyone who wants to take shrooms one step higher think before you do it and if you know you can handle it remember the trip is always different. Chew Shrooms and have Fun.

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