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The Disco Biscuits

All the elements of a great night were in place: a nice phat zip of some potent shrooms, a beautiful fall night in Atlanta, my friends from college, and a night with the Disco Biscuits at the Masquerade.

All the elements of a great night were in place: a nice phat zip of some potent shrooms, a beautiful fall night in Atlanta, my friends from college, and a night with the Disco Biscuits at the Masquerade. For those of you not in the know, the Disco Biscuits are probably the most revolutionary band in existence as of now. Combining the elements of jambands such as (Phish, moe, the dead) and techno-trance stylings of say Paul Oakenfold, they are nothing short of incredible. I digress. We all ingested a little more than an eigth as we walked into the venue.

As we walked in I was basically blown away by the scene inside. It was like hippies and rave kids meet, as I saw it the best of both worlds. It was a very, very chill environment. We sat around for awhile in anticipation of the shrooms and the band smokin' some heady bowls of talkin to some people. I started to get that warm, kinda sweaty anticipation. Then the house lights went down and the band came on. shit was starting to go down. If you have ever been to a phish concert, the band has these amazing light shows that coincide with the music, the biscuits have the same thing on a smaller scale.

i was chillin kinda far from stage not really in the dancin mood, when I started to get these pretty crazy visuals. There was these ultraviolet, deep purple lights accompanying a very very dark techno, delay jam. I saw this face form out of the ultraviolet light, it looked kinda like the napster symbol...very distrubing. My trip started accelerating, getting more intense with each drum beat. Next thing I know the vocalist isnt speaking english anymore, and I can taste the dark intensity of the music. I remember sitting there trippin hard, hoping to find solace in my friends I look to my sides to see that they are ALL tripping balls. not a smile to be found on anyones face, just a look of terror. My friend had this insane sweat goin on, and as i touched him he was cold to the touch, the instant this happened I realize I was sweating like mad too. and the music just intensifies, the beat accelerates, the jams are dark as hell. I just remember hoping the band takes off for setbreak. and they did.

Reeling from that terrifying first set, we all sat there speechless, tripping like no other. I consider my crew to be pretty experienced in terms of drugs n stuff, but never have are minds been fucked so hard by drugs and music. I must of look hella fucked up, cuz people would go up to me look at me, and speak these gibberish phrases. I felt like i couldnt move, I had flashing moments where I couldnt tell if i was sitting, standing up, or laying down. I wanted out, the helplessness and lack of control made me feel like I was dying.

The lights dim once again, the band comes out, I grip the sides of my chair, begging that I walk out of this place with some semblance of sanity. I figure I peaked during the setbreak so, things could only get better. The biscuits once again broke out with pure intesity, segue from a very jammy dead-esque jam into a pure electronica jam. It was dark at first, but I felt this tiny little 'happy' melodies breaking out slowly but surely. the techno jam started getting more melodic, but they were building it up, the happiness, then they would go right back to the dark. they were playing with my emotions, i was gettin teased. When I could finally no longer withstand the foreplay the busted out with this intensly blissful jam, which could only be described as nirvana. at that moment i errupted from my chair and started to dance my ass off. It was a victory dance, the biscuits saved the day, I won. I look back at my friends, they start to crack grins, and get up and dance with me. We danced the rest of the night away, knowing that we had seen the worst and came out triumphant.

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