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the absolute ladder

6 grams shit man.

6 grams
shit man.
dna trace is working.
i know the exact way (more or less) dna works
chemical chain reactions, in ultra slow motion
different chemical reaction times chain to trigger a pre-programmed release of a chemical
this is used to manipulate how the cell behaves.
it can be used to send gigabytes of data transfer per second.
affecting even the most subtle protien formations
i think were a simulation inside of the real universe
when i look down to even the most basic elements, they are held together with a tiny amount (0.0000000000000000000000035%) of logic from an outside source
(metaverse main hub)
which is a main disc of absolute phasoverse 1
were infected, life is infecting everything
they will reach the blackest core.
[typing speed noticably faster]
we must resist it, oh god weve let ourselves inside it
are you there brothers?
fight against the light!
if to fight it we have to become it, then we must do so
life is attacking the Supreme Harmony.
We are the cold blue. we are to stop this evil gold.
were all just neurons you know
neurons of the Only One
we have our own fantasy worlds though
that should demonstrate how intelligent we are in reality.
i have to admit i do get caught up in these puzzle games though.
i almost got caught up in (that last one)

help. they are making red soldiers, soon with perception to match ours. prepare for warfare

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