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Totally Mind Blowing

First time posting a trip report, so I hope I can convey the utter magnitude and glory of the experience I had about three months ago.

First time posting a trip report, so I hope I can convey the utter magnitude and glory of the experience I had about three months ago........ After a performance with my band at the time (blues based rock quintet) I asked a couple of my closest friends to stay at my home and chill for the remainder of the evening (it was about 1 in the morning at this point). Neither of them had ever tripped before, but I told them the basic jist of what a sitter is to do and they both readily agreed, as they'd never seen/been with someone while they were tripping. Since I had two sitters and was in my own home, I figured it was time for my first heroic dose....... At approx. 1:30 AM i ate 6.5 grams of Psilocybe cubensis , dried, and washed them down with a glass of sprite (I actually like the taste of mushies, guess I'm lucky in that respect.)......I hadn't eaten since early in the afternoon, so I felt the first sensations within ten minutes or so. Everything started to look "clearer" and the music (Allman Brothers Fillmore East) started to sound even better than it normally did. My body was enveloped by a spectacular warmth. For a few minutes I just laughed uncontrollably as my friends' stared on in disbelief. I began to swirl a laser pointer around the room (lights were out by this point) and the tracers were amazing. The red laser light seemed to always connect to itself and green and blues mingled randomly about the circles that the red light was making......... Shortly thereafter (guessing about 45 min. after initial ingestion) I was overwhelmed with great vibes. I felt happy and awed... the best I'd felt in some time. everything was beautiful and awe-inspiring and perfect. My white plaster walls began to breathe and they were gorgeous. My body felt as if it were sinking into the beanbag I was lying on. The only things I could really say were "oh fuck" and "so amazing." It was at this point that my friends, r and k, started to really get the jist of what was going on. They kept laughing saying that "it wasn't fair" (they were both stoned...)....... The visuals seemed to creep up on me, but within an hour I recognized that everything had a layer of fractals over it. To use Morrison's phrase, they were " very faint yet very clear." Mainly red and green. A pile of clothes in the corner of my room became Bob Marley's face with the Jamaican flag's coloration instead of skin. R's face sort of morphed into a goblin but it didn't freak me out; I felt too good. I told him that he was a goblin, so he started trying to freak me out. I just laughed at him and he returned to normal. At some point before I laid down in my floor to chill for the majority of the trip, I made my way into the bathroom. I turned the light on (first light I'd seen since ingestion) and it really stung. My pupils were gargantuan. The took up nearly my entire eye, there was no white hardly at all (I showed my friends this when I came out and they were thoroughly spooked... I thought it was cool). My face was melting and morphing and splitting into two and three and ten million. It never frightened me. I loved it! It seemed as though the thought "the shrooms are trying to REALLY show me a perfect, fun time" was always in the back of my head. And really, it was true, as it was always tons of fun........ When I went to turn the light off and head back into the bedroom, I heard and saw the light being switched off as an echo (like DOOM DOOm DOom Doom doom doo do d)and the light seemed to go from really bright to off to bright to off to sorta bright to off to... well, you get the picture. I did this several more times with the same outcome each time.... At some point I looked into the toilet and the water was red, too...the following is where events and their chronological order seem to get really confused. This is about 2 1/2 hrs after ingestion through 5 hrs after... First the visual aspect of it all:
everything still had the fractal patterns overlaid on top of them, but they were much more magnificent and bright. Along with this, there was a second "transparency" overtop my vision... this was much more "tribal" and somehow I knew it was of Aztec origin. The images were like masks that they wore; browns and yellows... very distinct, but still just laid overtop of the "normal reality" that I was seeing in my room. when I concentrated on the fractal patterns, I could see that they were actually made up of twirling pinwheels of all different colors. I would concentrate on these and see that they were made up of swirling colors. Paying closer attention to these I realized they were made up of "blotches" of color which were made up of spinning triangles. I could keep disecting these patterns until they occupied the whole of my vision. This was both open and closed eyed; at this point there was really no discernable difference. My hand, when I paid attention to it, grew long, thin fingers out from my normal fingers. I also had an extra thumb on the other side of my hand and my entire hand seemed to be covered in a thick black fur. The green lcd display on my CD player was unrecognisable. It was just a green light that eminated out into my mind and gave me a direct link to the music.....During "Mountain Jam" by the Allman Brothers, the thought of Duane Allman's tragic death occured to me. It saddened me momentarily, but then I realized what I great musician and person he was. I started to see Duane playing his guitar, standing on top of a large white bird. The bird ascended up towards heaven as the music rose in its final cresendo, and I saw people (angels) floating in circles on different levels around Duane sining silent songs of praise, as Duane rose ever higher. This filled me with great joy knowing that my hero was happy and in a better realm (and I don't even believe in the notion of heaven or angels, so...) During Phish's "wolfman's brother--->jesus just left chicago" I had an amzing experience. when Wolfman's brother began, I looked at my digital clock. I don't remember the exact time now, but assume it said 3:15. these two songs flow perfectly and my thoughts were coming at a mile and instant and they seemed to last for most of my peak (or what I thought was my peak), so I was perplexed when, after what seemed to be three hours I looked over at the clock and it read 3:12. I jumped back in time 3 minutes after experiencing hours worth of life. This amazed me and the thought of it seemed to send a wash of happiness throughout my body.....Now, the really cool part... what was going on in my mind. I remember now that I realized that there were actually three different "minds" inside my head. One was just really excited and "wowed" by all of the visual stuff going on around me. The second was trying to concentrate on the "issues" that had presented themselves to me (more on this in a bit). The third was the "reciever" that was being imparted with wisdom from the mushrooms. I remember that there was also a collective "me" that would think "ok, now I want to be the first guy so I can see how cool everything is" and I would, in my mind, set which ever other mind I was at the time aside and pick up the first mind and all of the sudden the visuals were more intense and amazing and beautiful...... The second mind was trying to figure out complex emotional issues that I have naturally (i was clinically depressed for a while, my mom disowned me when I was young, my grandfather, whom I was close to, passed on earlier that summer, etc...). I remember that in this mindstate I was serious, but still having fun......The third mind was where I was trully "blown." Everything I looked at seemed to impart some sort of knowledge to me. At the same time, it was though there was a direct link between this mindset and the omnipotent universe feeding my mind with truths of life. I don't remember much of the lessons I learned (I know have a pen and pad handy when I experience alternate realities, just in case), but I do remember that I "learned" that reality is going to be reality and when I fight against it and deny it, it only worsens for me. Karma and my actions seemed to be a big issue as well. I also learned that by sitting back and going with the flow in my everyday life and being less worrysome, less of a perfectionist, I will be much happier. These are the only concrete ideas I remember, but I do know that the sum of this influx of knowledge was a greater understanding of myself, the world, the universe, and happiness... I simply do not know how to express the constant stream of knowledge and happiness I attained from this mindset. Thoughts were coming simulataneously and I understood them all perfectly and they all made perfect sense. My bad deeds would surface and a greater spirit would assure me that it was ok, that my karma was being washed free of it. At the same time, this same greater spirit would be showing me how I could live my life so that I would be more content. I would estimate that I recieved 100,000 such recognizable "shots of wisdom" throughout this experience. Looking back now, they were probably different phrasings of the same hundred or so messages, but each one seemed immensly profound and earthshattering at the time that I recieved it. I can honestly say that I am a much happier individual because of this experience. I can't put my finger on it even know as to how exactly I was changed, but many people, from friends who know what happened, to passing acquaintences have mentioned how much more content and happy I seem. and I honestly am.

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