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Daytime Shroom

It had been 8 months since my life changing first trip in which i plunged into the depths of time and space to find the meaning of life.

It had been 8 months since my life changing first trip in which i plunged into the depths of time and space to find the meaning of life. I had decided to buy and 1/8th of some shrooms so i could become enlightened about other things in life. The 1/8th a bought appeared to be cubensis but i think they were Paneolus Cyanecens. Anyway, in the bag there were 2 medium sized caps, 1 long/thin stem and 1 small shroom which was dark blue. I decided to take the 1 dark blue shroom and see what happens. I was supposed to meet up with some friend and go on a nature trail but they never called so i dosed at about 11 am. I ate a baked potato with the shroom and some chocolate to cover up the taste. To reduce any jumpiness or irritability i decieded to play drums. I drummed for about 20, and i started 5 minutes after i ate the shroom. I hadn't noticed any effects yet so i stood up to go walk around til it kicked in. The second i stood up i felt the psilocybin rush. My room streched, then came back to normal and started breathing. I was in for a strong trip but nothing too out of control. I listened to "Fire On The Mountain" by Grateful Dead, since it was the only G.D. song i had on my computer at the time, and now everytime i hear that song i get memories of the trip. I knew i couldn't just sit at my computer the whole time so i went to watch some tripping TV shows. There wasn't anything really entertaining so i watched a nature show on cheetas. At this point i was feeling really hot, i took of my shirt and put several cubes of ice on my chest as i lounged back in my big leather chair. I noticed the cheetas started looking weird. They began to stretch out and become very alien looking. I couldn't help giggling a bit. The trip became a bit stronger, the body high was beginning to get unconfertible. I was too hyper to stand still but i was too tired to move. I didn't know what to do so i turned off the TV and went outside. The heat from the sun was so relaxing and reassuring but it was still a bit chilly. My shoes were off and i felt like i could walk on anything and feel good. I likeed to step on rocks and feel the textures under my feet. I wasn't exactly having the best time of my life but i wasn't scared, though i was kind of worried about the peak and what was comming. There was one point where i was outside and looked at my house at a certain angle and had the strongest feeling of deja vu, i had a dream once that i had levitated from that very spot, looking at my house in that exact same way, only problem was that i misinterpreted it as the place where i would die. I wasn't scared, i was a bit creeped out by the vibe i had but nothing bad. I was wearing a watch with a timer on to see how far into the trip i was. I believe it had been 45 minutes since i had eatten the shrooms, time was going slow. I called up my friend to take up some time. He told me that my friend's girlfriend broke up with him. I couldn't think of anything else to say except for "that's weird" or "ya know......that's weird." Thoughts were becomming very hard to grasp, as if my thoughts had become slippery. My friend was talking about making up punk songs and i had realized that we have nothing in common, the only thing that we have in common is that we have known each other for about 13 years. I walked over to my pool. I stuck my foot in, it was really cold. Water felt very soothing but it was way too cold. I thought about turning on the heat but i was in no condition to figure all that shit out. The trip was getting stronger and i knew i had to puke. I told my friend i'd call him back. I had a big gatorade bottle filled with water and every once in a while i'd drink some so i could throw something up if i needed to. So i attempted to vomit, i got a burp but nothing more. I called my friend back and we talked for a little while, he said he'd call me back later in the day. I went back inside. I turned on the TV, i wasn't enjoying my trip, i was feeling too unconfertible by the body high, but the visuals were nice when i had them. There were no real hallucinations besides breathing walls and such but if i would stare at something i would get a vision. I layed on the couch and turned on the TV. All i could find was a horse race which had just ended. There were all these happy people, the owner of the winning horse and his friends and such. It was hard to grap what had happened. I turned on MTV2 and saw the U2 video "Beautiful Day," a VERY trippy song. I heard it and was really feeling the body high, which was more like numbness and a odd tingling which was annoying. I felt like i had to throw up again because of the body feeling so i ran outside and tried to throw up. I got nothing, i was a little worried that dispite all the water i had drank that my stomach remained empty. I got an apple and started eatting it. I hated to swallow food, it felt too weird. I went back to my room and layed in my bed. I turned on the radio to and alternative rock station which i had listened to the last time i shroomed which was my second trip, it made me feel secure last time so i was hoping it would this time. I felt secure but the body feeling was still getting on my nerves. I went to my bathroom to try to throw up again. I threw up but didn't feel any better, just a little less pressure in my stomach. I went back to my bed and just decided to ruff the rest out. I got out a sketch pad and a pencil and started to make lines and stiff since i didn't have full control of my arm. I was shaking a bit which was ruining the art. i drew some weird symbols and the body feeling wasn't as bad. I was controlling my trip but i wasn't tripping as much as i was. I took a bong rip and drew some more stuff. I listened to some M.I.R.V. and some Primus as the trip faded away. I had some good philosphical views on how we have conciousness but it's way too complicated to put it into words. I don't like shrooms as much as i thought i did, i guess im not really cut out for hallucinagines now because im more involved with my education and i felt like this trip wanted me to go back to nature and such but i need to worry about my grades now. Prehaps i will try it again in the summertime when i have less work to worry about.

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