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good bad and knolidg

im from england but i moved to denmark about 6 years ago, around 3 years ago i took my first real trip and it was fine .

im from england but i moved to denmark about 6 years ago,
around 3 years ago i took my first real trip and it was fine .
me and 3 friends , we laughed we saw shit it was all good with no side efects and no no los of memory.
then about 2 years later a year ago i went to christiania.
again with 3 friends
now ive ben smoking weed n hash sinc i was 6 and im 20 now ,
ive done all types of drugs koke herowin e assid dut this time every thing changed.
befor when i did shrooms it was like my brein got out of my head and just stood over in the corner and watched my body to see what it would do very harmles , like being a big kid
doing every thing for the first time.
but as i was saying this time every thing changed.
it was late afternoon 50 miles away from home,me and my coligue just got payd and went to kobenhagen to hook up with 2 friends making us 4 all n all.
my coleag had never don shrooms befor yet is still a year older than me,
we bought our shrewms and chewed em up id done more than this befor it was just a gram,but it was my friends first time.
all of a suden my friend was gon ,about 5 minuits pass and hes come back, so i assk where hes dein .
then he said i couldnt feel it so i went and bought another 3 grams, what i said where r they ,then he said he ate them
his first time on shrooms and hees taken 4 grams all n all.
we remained where we were for about 10 minuits,then i felt it kiking in so i decided we should split ,bad idea,even thoe we were in the geto we were probably safer there.
but we had to go to toun.
after 20 muinits or so im guesing because i lost my concept of time we came to a circle harbor formed like a runing track .then my friend asked to loan some cash,i said i didnt have eney id úsed it on the shrooms,he replyes yes you do 375 bucks in your back right pocket.
i stick my hand in my pocket and no shit there it was.
we continue walking about another 20 minuits pass and my friend turns up asking for money again so i say i just gave it to you,he replys i know now give me more , i replyed i dont have eney more, yes you do he replys 450 in your inside poket i put my hand in and no shit there it was again
so i gave it to him.
then continued walking around the round harbor again 20 minuits pass and he returns this time i was ready .so i said hey tim i dont feel so good lets sit down,all of a suden thers 3 of us .
we sit on the edg of the harbor ,when i started thinking wow
i started thinking and they could hear they heard my thoughts and we understood each other are we gods i asked, tim replyed kinda.
then i asked if so witch of us is the most power full he replyed you r but im cleverer.
then i colapesed on the flor not unconcios just not caring 1000s of people staring talking gathering around me but i didnt care i felt great at the gates of death staring in.
then i thought shit im not going there ive got shit to do on this earth then i stood up looked at the club over the road ,lets go in there and we did and i still had that cash.
the place appeared empty until we got down stares where it was packedwe went into the toylets then we were 4 yfirst 2 then 3 then 4 .
im looking in the miror and i realyse my reflection isnt mine so i turned around who r u i assked a friend .
he was the devil and ive seen him once scins then ,
a bit of naked dansing in the club and we were out and on our way home finished ,i dont think so i had opened a dor
now i trip when i drink to much coffi or smoke hash and scigarets even,and its not so cool opening a dor you cant close,there is one way to close it as far as i can see but im stronger than that i paied for this ride and im gona ride it out .
there are parts i left out ,the two deamond girls ,the hit and run that didnt hapen because i closed my eyes just in time if i tried to save him ide be dead the car would have hit me i could see that so i closed my eyes and the man and the car were gon, but these things are material non important , what is ,is realysation of good and evil forces that try to use your own mind against you to destroy you,you must not try to fight them or youl luse every time just turn away and think of some thing els change the subject in jour mind and dont say to much power is knolidg and it is the only wepon you have to survive the race , and when you feal you r dead just dont let go think of some thing ells and you will survive .......live long and prosper ....ALEXIS Stewart Hoskinsoh 2000

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