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Testimonial 2001 No2

A testimonial?

A testimonial?? What is the purpose of this?? I feel like I have truly tested and found that some spirit or positive force is watching over me. What a thing for me to be saying but as a result of my last trip on Equadores and I have half way come down beyond the total humiliation and total loss of orientation ( what a wierd universe ) I have found some truly positive results as a vow and recognition of love for my wife and child on this eve of 2001.

My only words of wisdom are be very carefull with this stuff and in the words of Mr. Kesey always remember
The first few highs are gratis. There is a grace given you but then its like they ssy you want to see your books huh? This hand grabes you by the back of the neck and turns you and for eight hours or so your are forced to look at your own history of transgression against your fellow creatures . Not only that but you are forced to look at the fact that you will one day be worms. That your physical body will turn into this. Your soul will continue on. Its how your soul is doing in its path to eternity not how your body is doing in its path through this life thats important.

I think in the words of this fabulous and great author and many of his cohorts including Neil that this quote from Jay Stevens book sums it up as the true essence of the trip.

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