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ringin' in 2001

I had done mushrooms twice before.

I had done mushrooms twice before.
The first time, I did just over 1 gram. The next time, almost three. Seeing how it was new years eve, I figured I'd really do it up. I did close to four grams. My parents and little brother were away, so I had three friends over for the trip, all were on various amounts of 'shrooms, so there wasn't a sober creature in the house, except my cat.
I had spent the day before making three CDRs of songs from various types of techno, and industrial. A note that some people will find helpful, to do the mushrooms, we each mixed ours in with a blender with about 400 mls of orange juice. There was no taste at all, and you could barely feel the particles going down. What usually takes 20 minutes of gagging took 20 seconds of chugging. Painless. The four of us went down to my basement/rec room and waited for what we thought would be the fourty minutes until they kicked in. Since the shrooms were allready ground up in the drinks, though, it wasn't even 20 minutes before things got fun. Suddenly, everything was hillarious. We had our trip toys out (various stuffed animals, pokemon's, and action figures, a christmas tree fully lit, and the tv to watch while the hallucinations started. After about five more minutes, everything hit like a ton of bricks. My carpet started swaying, and coming alive. This was the most amazing thing. Each little light beige/brown fibre had a life of it's own, swishing underneath me. I noticed that my friends were also starting to trip pretty hard, as we were all looking at different things. Taking advice from Jizon from our last trip, I got up to look at a picture of an organ grinder on a corner with various onlookers. To my amazement, the monkey started to dance around, while a chinese dragon image was swirling in the middle, made up of the most vivid dark greens and reds. Gradually, I noticed my body starting to go numb, so I decided to lay down by my coffee table. Looking at Chizris, his face underneath his shirt hood was starting to warp in and out, as he laughed hysterically about someone named Mark Cullen. I wasn't sure who that was, but I was told later that that was the comedian he was watching on TV. Hizeather was on less than the rest of us, so she enjoyed watching us for awhile. Then it hit me. I have a Christmas tree! I look over, and it was the most amazing thing I've seen in my life. The red and green lights were glowing bright, the beads were changing color, and rotating around the tree, which was swaying back and forth, in some sort of a dance. All the while Jizon kept holding his stuffed bear rocking back and forth kind of quiet, but you could see from looking at him he was really gone. All of a sudden, Chizris was sitting by the tree. Apparantly the shrooms were really starting to roar on, because the entire room was a mass of red and green lights, with large white alphabet letters rotating over Chizris. He kept laughing hysterically, saying "how about that?! How about that, eh?!" I was then feeling tired, so I decided to lay down by the couch and coffee table, right infront of Hizeather. Then the full scale hallucinations started. The coffee table started bleeding green, and melting down. The carpet was now a sea of tiny crab eyes opening and closing. This wasn't frightening, because the stuffed black and neon green pig I had sitting on my chest was rotating his eyes, and laughing. As I was starting to fall asleep/pass out, things got a bit scary. I went completely numb, and couldn't move or speak. I notice my glasses are gone. Oh shit, I ate my glasses! They're gone! I can feel them in my throat. Then as if things can't get worse, I hear footsteps upstairs. My parents had come home. I hear them come downstairs, and start to freak out. I can hear Jizon trashing the Christmas tree, and throwing up everywhere. Chizris has completely destroyed the coffee table, and television. Where's Hizeather at? I feel something unusual, and realize I'm having sex with Hizeather. This is bad, because Hizeather is Chizris's girlfriend. Wait, no I'm not having sex with her, because I'm on the floor, however I can remember it from that night. Oh no, this is bad. Everybody has died! Hizeather isn't breathing, Jizon has broke a leg, and is throwing up uncontrolably. Chizris has gone off somewhere, I'm not sure where. Meanwhile, I'm still face down, and can't move or speak. My parents start to freak out, badly. I feel myself throw up, and piss myself on the floor. My cat comes over, starts meowing, and biting my arm hard, as if he's trying to wake me up. I pass out, and feel very cold, hearing coats being put on, and my parents freaking out about me dying. I realize I'm being carried outside to the car, apparantly I'm being taken to the hospital. I feel I'm on a gurney being whisked down a white hallway, I can hear Mom and Dad blaming music, Satan, God, Jesus, video games, and commenting how I've always been antisocial, and a screwup. I can feel myself being moved around, with tubes in my nose and I still feel my glasses in my throat. I can vaguely hear the someone saying my name, that they're my doctor, and will have to operate on me. I can feel incisions being made. My Mom and Dad are crying, and I start to lose all feeling, starting from my feet, as I can hear my parents saying goodbye to me. Suddenly, I can move again. I look up, and I'm not in a hospital. I'm in my basement again. The coffee table colors have stopped, I'm not hallucinating as much, but colors are still flying around. I slowly sit up, and start asking what happened. I was just laying there the entire night. Nothing actually happened. I had somehow left my body in the last part of the trip when it turned bad, and thought I had died. I didn't actually have sex with Hizeather, Jon was fine, the Christmas tree was still up, and Chizris was ok too. I hadn't thrown up or eaten my glasses, I was however completely soaked on the left side of my body, neck to toes. The right side was dry, but I have no idea how that happened. After about ten minutes of describing what happened and being assured everything was fine, my parents didn't freak out, or even know I was tripping, all was well. Time to hit the couch for a well deserved sleep, even if it was 6AM allready. What a new years!

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