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Trip to Toronto

Two years ago I worked at this place where I made some good connections and got theses mushrooms from some there.

Two years ago I worked at this place where I made some good connections and got theses mushrooms from some there. The zooms as I call them, were yellow with purple vains(very nice). I ate two grams at work and went home to find out that my father was going to Toronto so I tagged along, to visit my friends. I took a shower and got dressed and went to the car and he told me to drive, as soon as I got on the HIGHway they kick in. OH MY GOD. What a trip It was fun, after my father said that that was the best he had ever seen me drive. Parts of my trip are a blur and I don't remember them so I will tell you what I do remeber. I had to wander down town T.O for a while cause no one was up yet pretty uneventful bought a hot dog from a street vender, put three grams on it and ate it went and smoked a joint. Around 9:00 am I called my friend went there and chilled out play video games, had to stop cause I felt like I was a part of the game and was running threw mazes. Then I thought if I am part of the game I was being being controled by some unknown person and my only purpose was to serve his enjoyment for a short time period only to be shut off when my need has been filled or I am dead... Too trippy so I left and smoked a joint and calmed down. I sat in a park and rolled my joint, then walked. The streets had no names and I had no set destination. I sparked my joint and kept walking peoples face were distorted almost like a picasso painting evil images my mind tried not to see. I looked up to the sky only to see that it was pink I hate pink. then I stopped all the faces the sky and I was at the front door of 53 police division. Quickly very quickly I put out my joint and kept walking. Went to a coffee shop and went to the washroom and looked in the mirror and my eyes were inverted and looked black. I did my business and checked my bag of zooms still had about 9 grams. I bought a drink and left the coffee shop. hopped on to the sub way to go to my my old area and see some friends and my sister. Saw my sister and my neffew first. My neffew looked like don king he had a serious afro, holy shit. Met up with some more friends that were going back down town and invited me to go. In the car I ate 4 more grams. I went to the Colonial hotel and got a room. We then went to the Eaton Center, and did some shopping. After shopping I checked the time and it was 10:13pm time had flew. the guys went to a strip joint and the girls went to some club we were to meet them at later. The lights at the stip joint were not good for me, they made my head dance around with them and I found it hard to focuse on anything. This happened to be a peeler bar I knew the owner and bouncers and like 9 girls that were working. We made our way to the back of the club and sat down and ordered drinks. 3 of my female friends came over and we talked for a while then this hot red head took me up stairs to the change room to smoke another joint that was sweet we were up there while 5 girls were changing. when we were alone I ate some zooms and gave the red head 2 grams she ate them. We stayed for a while and um Talked. I went down stairs and got more drinks I had made plans to meet the red head at the club and to go to my hotel. We went to the dance club and on the way the cab driver must of been on more drugs than me. Cause it was the cab ride from hell, he almost hit three people one of the a clown. When I got out of the cab my friend tipped him and I said why and he said cause he got us here quick. I snapped and said that he almost hit three people. The three of my friends looked at me and said that it was a safe drive nothing like that happened. We went inside the club, and the fucking lights I hated them. We met up with the girls and got some more drinks and I sat down and got real quiet and thought about the cab drive. Why a clown, why would I see a clown? I still don't know why to this day. Just when I had figuerd evrything out the red head came and sat on my lap and kissed me. Last call i ordered 5 drinks each for me and her. Everyone parted on thier way's and me and the red head went to my hotel room. and the rest well belongs on another site.

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