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Unexpected Textures

Before the last six months, it didn't really occur to me to try too many drugs.

Before the last six months, it didn't really occur to me to try too many drugs. But then because of a few things that had happened in my life, including a friend who wanted to experiment, I tried a few things. Coke, MDMA, PCP, and finally... shrooms.

I don't get the guys who take drugs as some sort of macho trip. Let me get this straight - I'm male, in my late teens, well over six feet tall, built like a brick shithouse... you wouldn't want to run into me on a dark night. I'm no geek. But there are types of people and types of people, and the type that takes drugs just to "get fucked up" or to prove they can get higher than their friends... it bugs me. Drugs have the potential to be fun AND revealing, and the macho games to me just rings as cheap and shallow. Drugs to me are a tool for your mind, not another toughness test.

I'll stop ranting now. The point I'm making is that I went into this whole thing with a desire to discover more about me, my mind, drugs, to connect with other, and to have fun.

So... the night of the first time. I'd taken 2 bags of dried mushrooms (cubensis I think) with my friends. We sat back and waited. I had a bath - something everyone should do, because bubble baths are psychedelically interesting AND because they relax you and put you in a good place to start going up. I was feeling a little stomach tense, but one of my other friends was feeling much more so. A few nights ago we'd had a bad experience with PCP, so my friend was thinking we'd bought store shrooms laced with PCP. He was feeling numb, tense, and sweaty. So he took some hits from the bong - and it worked. We've since experimented and found that a few (read FEW, don't get totally stoned) hits of pot just after eating goes a long way to stopping any nausea or tense feelings that go with eating shrooms.

So - dim lights... in fact the room was lit by a shadow lantern, a green-blue lava lamp, and a couple of candles (later we'd add other triptoys like coloured Christmas lights and glowsticks). We'd laid out bedding on the floor so that we could have a huge, soft space to lie down on. Music? Pink Floyd of course, some of the Beatles (I Am The Walrus is a must) and all the newer trippy companions like Crystal Method, Orb, and Lem.

My other friend was lying on the couch, tripping for the very first time. Soon it was my turn to lie back, close my eyes, and take a journey.

How can you describe a psychedelic trip? You can't. You can talk about your hallucinations and revelations all you like but you can't often get other people to understand it. It's like telling people about your dreams - you either bore people or you can only get across a tiny bit of the meaning of it all. So I won't tell you about the crystal headed serpent, or the light creatures, or the clock people who live there-wards and feast on their profound ideals. Everyone sees their own things. But the one impression I was left with after it was all over was that the places I had seen actually existed... that however much what I had seen was tailored to my mind, this "other space" existed and the shrooms had just allowed me to see it, like peeling off wallpaper and seeing the wall beneath.

One of my friends said something while tripping which is about the best I can describe it. " What an unexpected texture".

I can't wait to go back there again.

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