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Phish Everywhere

I had never tripped before.

I had never tripped before. I was a sophmore in college living with three roommates, two of which had gone home for the weekend. The third, Matt, had explained what tripping was like to me a few days before. I was intrigued and in awe of the experiences he explained, i thought how are these illusions of sense and emotion possible. I decided to do it, and he bought a bag of shrooms for us to split.

It was early December, near finals time, so there weren't many parties going on. At 11pm, we sat at our kitchen table and he separated the bag into two equal piles and we ate the caps and stems and washed them down with some water. Then, we put on our blacklight (we had 3 blacklight posters in the apartment) and he put on one of his phish albums called "Rift" and we shot the shit.

After about a half hour of sitting on the couch, my legs and arms began to feel a little fuzzy. My body began to feel very relaxed and floaty, and i became very aware of the room and everything in it. Matt said the trip had started and that he felt a little too. Suddenly, I noticed how great that music was! Why hadn't i heard this band before? It flowed along perfectly, and no matter how complex it was, i could hear every note individually without even trying. As the album progressed, so did my trip. Soon I began to see flashes of light, tangible bulbs actually there, that danced in front of me in tune with the music. Then i realized that the colored bulbs WERE the music! I was watching the music.

When the album ended, Matt suggested that we go to this small party that was going on across the street. The thought terrified me; i couldnt face regular people right now. He assured me there would only be about 7 and that they were cool and had tripped many times and i would be alright. So off we went.

The walk across the street was a small journey in itself. When we got to the place, there was only one person there, the guy who lived there, and it turned out he was trippin too! I sat down on his yellowish couch in the living room while Matt and his friend were in the kitchen talking. The room i was in took on strange qualities as I sat there. The walls were sky blue, the floor orange, the couch yellowish, and a red table was in the corner. I literally felt like i was in a van gogh painting or alice in wonderland. The walls shimmered, and the corners were distorted. The ceiling was much to low for humans to fit under, maybe elves could walk in this room. As I concentrated on the strange perspectives in the room I found that with little effort I could actually smell the colors in the room. The red table was the best...it smelled how red obviously smells. Weird, but very cool.

I got up and joined the other two in another room, i cant tell you what kind of room it was because they all seemed out of place and disjunctive with one another....like a house with only dining rooms. Phish was playing again, but a different album, equally awesome. Then, Rusted Root's "Drum Trip" was played. I literally felt an earthquake, i was engulfed in the beats, i could feel them all around me like i was in a ball pool at mcdonalds playland. Well we decided to go for a walk.

It had snowed earlier in the day and it looked like a winter wonderland. It was unusually quiet (and late) and no people were around, which suited me fine. The streetlights were amazingly clear and bright, the trees like glass sculptures, and the buildings like plastic models. We walked in the center of the street, which felt unique, and we walked around several blocks. I had the distinct feeling that we were on a monopoly board, passing houses and hotels. Well we walked around for a while exploring, realizing things about this environment that we never had sober like how tall a certain building actually was and how ugly certain cars were, and how different our faces looked right now like poor self portraits.

The trip began to wear off and things returned to normal, which i fought introspectively to prevent, but to no avail. Returned to earth, we strolled back home, the recent experience of phish still clear in my mind.

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