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Day tripping.

Two friends and I went in on an eighth.

Two friends and I went in on an eighth. Kind of randomly, about 4:30 in the afternoon on a perfect spring day (you know the kind, sunny, about 65 or 70 degrees), two of us ate jelly and mushroom sandwiches. About a half an hour later, the other came in, found out we were shrooming, and immediately took his.

Now, for all of you that keep Rolaids around when you trip, about a half-hour into it, shake up the bottle, hold it up to natural light (preferably streaming through your windows), open the top, and enjoy the chalk.

Anyway, we all live on the ninth story of our dorm, and on the eighth is a balcony that looks out into the sunset. I cannot emphasize this enough: people that day trip need balconies, especially ones that look into the sunset. It was gorgeous: green trees swaying in time and gorgeous jet contrails snaking through the sky. That was enough to keep us transfixed for a good 30 minutes or so.

Afterwards, we went to one of our rooms and watched the DVD that comes with Paul van Dyk's Global Underground release. Beautiful stuff.

We were torn away from that by some folks who wanted to walk around downtown and drive my car to a nearby park. A walk (at any mushroom-driven time) is a good idea, plus, riding in the back of the car was definitely shaping up to be cool. The park was great, especially the swingsets. The sun set while we were there, and we ended up rolling down a grassy embankment in the park. Very fun indeed.

By the time we got back home, the shrooms had worn off. The underlying message in this is a) don't try and write trip reports high, and b) never waste a beautiful day because you're a night tripper and only know what you like and like what you know.

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