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Shrooms Forever

I have tripped 5 or 6 times before on acid, and once or twice on shrooms, and I only did a small dose of t7 before.

I have tripped 5 or 6 times before on acid, and once or twice on shrooms, and I only did a small dose of t7 before.
Around 630 we took a 25mg dose of 2ct7 oral. At around 745 we started to feel a little nausea so we smoked a small bowl of hydro to settle our stomach. It worked perfect, I felt much better, and now i started to feel the beginning affects of the t7. I got a strong body load, it was heavy but felt good. My mind was very clear, and no strong visuals yet. From 8-1030 i just sat back and enjoyed the t7 effects, i didn't get much visuals but had a beautiful body feeling, it felt like i was in a trance and everything was going real slow, but i total control over everything, no paranoia. It was a very nice feeling, different from acid i think, no mental and very calm feeling.
At around 1100 we decided to go for another smoke. We smoked a few bowls of hydro, which booted me off, visuals started, not to intense though, but alot more then before. Started to get alot of breathing everywhere, peoples faces were very big, and lots of colors with eyes closed. Walking was fun, but hard. We got back to my friends house, and a buddy of ours had just came with a half ounce of mushrooms. We haven't been able to get mushrooms in soo long so we were eager to try them. So me and 3 other friends started to munch on them. We were just picking stems and caps, and eatin them up. So now around 120, half hour after we ate some mushrooms, they started to kick in, they came with heavy visuals, everything was wavy and melting, couldn't focus on anything, couln't see a thing. The body feeling was the best that i have ever felt, i couldn't even move my body, my eyes were rolling back, and i didn't know if they were open or closed. We were having such a great time that we decided to eat some more at around 2am. We munched on some more, and let them blend into our trip. By this time, time had stopped, just like on acid, the t7 did not have this effect earlier in the night, it kinda went by fast. We were all tripping balls by this point, playing floyd with the lights out and a black light on. In the black room, i started to see blinking bright purple and pink lights everywhere, couldn't get rid of them even if i closed my eyes. After awhile they went away, but then i couldn't see any of my friends faces. I couldn't focus enough to get a picture of their face. Around 5am we went for another smoke. This put me in a nice sleepy mood, even know i was wicked fucked up still, it helped put me to sleep.
It was i think the best trip of my life,next to my first trip ever of course. I would highly advise EVERYONE to do mushrooms. They are alot calmer and earthy then acid, not saying acid isn't good.

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