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Swim in Pink Floyd

SET: Due to bad weather stayed in my apartment with several friends, one of which as shrooming as well, my best friend J AMOUNT: T + 0:00 = 2 grams ground Syrian Rue (MAOI) T + 1:30 = 2.

SET: Due to bad weather stayed in my apartment with several friends, one of which as shrooming as well, my best friend J

AMOUNT: T + 0:00 = 2 grams ground Syrian Rue (MAOI)
T + 1:30 = 2.4 grams homegrown cubensis, GT race

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Infinite peace and beauty


All right fellow shroomers, I recently finished my second experiment with Psilocybin + Syrian Rue, and must say I am very pleased so far with the result. With a paltry amount of material (2.4 grams) I was able to experience near-total ego loss and touch the sleepy mind of my sister several thousand miles away.

It all started during a short lunch break from work on Saturday, where I consumed 2 grams Syrian rue, recently purchased from JLF. Ground in a coffee grinder and wrapped in JB Cigarette paper it was a hell of a load to swallow. For the hour after consumption I experienced a very mild relaxation that offset the somewhat unpleasant pains that sometimes sheared through my stomach (the seeds, though ground, are still harsh on the stomach.)

About an hour after taking the Rue, I returned from work to find my apartment filled with people. Apparently it was decided that a night of battle royal in Mario Kart64 was in order and all the usual suspects were invited. Somewhat perturbed by the thought that I'd be tripping around these people, I quietly chowed down the shroomies in my bedroom with the door locked and said a quick prayer that I may learn something from my upcoming experience.

After dosing I returned to my friends to await the effects. After Kart turned to SF Rush an hour later, I was starting to feel only a small portion of the expected effects. Some very minor tracers and the usual peaceful calm had enveloped me, but not the usual rush into "fuzzy mushroom land" that I'm used to with straight cubies. It appears that MAOI enhanced trips come on slower, peak longer, and last about an extra two hours on the whole. However, effects built linearly and two hours after ingestion I was ready to rock, with colorful tracers and majestic rainbows following evey move of my head. Very relaxing.

I began to find beauty in even the smallest of places, things I usually tend to run past in my busy day. My grateful dead wall hanging (the Dead skull with a big VW sign all drawn on a tie die sheet) glowed in the blacklight, the colorful patterns slowly swirling and spinning to my amazement. Smoke clouds became amazing swirling patterns that just begged to be studied, some unseen air flow in the room turning the jet of smoke into a constantly changing cloud of patterns. This was the usual barrage of beauty I was used to with mushies, in sharp contrast to the cold perfection I'd experienced with DXM or LSD. The thought that there was an entire planet surrounding my apartment blew my mind, and I wanted so badly to show the world the love and peace I'd found with a little help from a psychedelic fungus that few understand.

The truth of the matter was that there would have been no way I could have communicated much of anything to anyone. As I neared my peak, talking seemed almost pointless, as there was no way I could possibly express the race of thoughts in my head, all the things about my life I'd come to realise, how important it was to occasionaly 'stop and smell the roses.'

Along with this peak came an unbelievable urge to lie down, something I'd never experienced before. A usual trip for me involves feeding ducks at the lake, listening to music, and 'climbing into' the mass of trip toys available here at the Shroomery. I was overcome with excitement, as I knew the peak was approaching, and it was time to relax and let the magic mushrooms take over for a few minutes.

Laying back on my bed, I put on Dark Side of the Moon, possibly the best trip album ever and certainly one any Pink Floyd fan can't be without. As the heartbeat of Breathe began, a weight of anticipation rose in my chest, like suddenly seeing your fav band on stage after waiting hours in line. The music was incredibly clear, guitar chords ringing in my mind, swirling around my head, moving through me. Even though I was several feet from my speakers, covered in a blanket from head to toe, it was the clearest and most three dimensional music I have ever heard. Behind closed eyes I saw Roger Waters hammering away at the bass line of Time, felt the way his fingers hit the strings, the run of thoughts through his head when he wrote the song. I was no longer listening to the music, every chord change every beat affected me in a way that it had become pure communication, pure emotion without the clumsiness of words

I began to see wilds waves of colors stream past my closed eye lids, sometimes moving with the music. By the time Any Colour You Like rolled around, I was completely awash in the spread of the psychedelic organ as it echoed from side to side. I was laying in what felt like a pool of water, only it was maybe one foot deep and completely awash in a swath of colors, ranging from deep purple to bright orange. With the rise and fall of the chords, I could feel it flow over me, like I was swimming in the music. My ego was almost completely lost, and I completely melded with the music. With deeper notes the 'water' turned thick and moved slowly, a purplish tinge vibrating with the tone. As things became higher pitched, the feeling of lying in a river of fast moving sound flowed over me. It was the most beautiful and peaceful moment I've ever experienced. So complete, so natural, to not only hear music but to feel it and be a part of it. This one album has been there from the first time I smoked herb to my last trip I'm describing here, an old friend...one whom I've spent much time with and means a lot to me.

The whole time I was swimming in this music, I would occasionally look down and see myself floating in this sea of sound. However, instead of what I expected myself to look like, I had a very feminine form to replace the usual blockiness of my own body. It was very beautiful, completely natural. This feeling would extend past the peak, when I began to snap back to reality. It came to the point where it seemed to remind me of my sister, whom I haven't seen in almost a year since she moved over seas. This femininess seemed to explain a lot of her behavior, and I felt very close to her, to the point of seeming to touch her sleepy mind (it was only 3am where she was) and just let her know how much I love and appreciate her.

The rest of the trip included lots of Nintendo, watching Fantasia, and the usual rowdiness of a bunch of college guys playing games. The complete psychedelic experience ceased to end once I stepped out my door, leaving some colorful visuals and wall bubbling, but ceasing to be the compolete immersiveness of before. My peak was very late, being about 5 hours after I took the cubies, but was such an incredibly beautiful, peaceful and meaningful experience that I would not have traded it for anything. even walking to class, I find myself smiling, appreciating what many take for granted and will never know.

FungusFarmer (Groverznutz@yahoo.com)

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