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watching my brain?

i was gettin pretty pissed off after about 2 hours of waiting(i ate about 3grms).

i was gettin pretty pissed off after about 2 hours of waiting(i ate about 3grms)...but it was all worth it. it was around 7:00 at night in my friends room when they started to hit me and they came on real slow. i sed to my friends i think theyre starting to work. earlier in the night my friends(none of them were tripping) asked " when u start to trip can we fuck with ur head just for fun?" i sed ok. so when i told them that i was feelin the shrooms they turned off the light,turned on a strobe light,blacklight, and some music. then they started waving there hands in my face and just acting like idiots. i just sat there watching them( still not tripping). as i stared at my friend some realy cool colours started to kinda move with him and this was the begining of the greatest nite of my life. when they got tired of doing whatevr they were doing we turned back on the lights and just hung out like normal. my legs and arms started to tingle strongly and eventually this feeling took over my whole body. the next part is weird do ur best to understand....i could see and i knew that i was sitting in this chair but my "inside" felt as if i were next to my actual body, rather than in it. the visuals started next. i started to see many clusters made of about 5 to 15 small shrooms floating in the air and moving on the walls and ceiling. it was awsome the shrooms in the clusters were morphing,splitting,dancing,swimming and changing colours all at once..they were evrywhere i looked! when the dancing shrooms started to fade small,3d purple balls started to fill my line of vision. i stared at them and they seemed to have there own peacefull energy. i put my hand out to touch them and i moved my fingers around in the dots and they followed my fingers. it was amazing...i was finger painting the air with these things! as time went by my hallucinations got stronger, more realistic, and more colourfull. at this point my body was going throuhg such an extreme physical and visual change that i got really scared but wanted it to continue. i then felt as if my eyes "fell back in my head" and i was actually looking at my brain and all the things goin on inside it. it was amazing i nevr saw or even imagined any thing even close to what i was seeing and thinking. there were colors and sounds and thoughts floating around as if they all had a specific purpose and i felt like we were all one. while i was in my head i explored different rooms,universes,and planets.while all this was happening i had absolutley no body.it all felt so real. i "watched my brain" for what felt like eternity. eventually i returned this planet and found myself sitting in the same chair that i was from the start. my friends started telling me that all i did the whole entire night was sit in the chair, staring wide eyed at nothing. they also told me my eyes were so incredibly dilated that i lookd like a bug. its kinda weird that i visited different worlds and galaxies when i didnt even leave the chair in my friends room.

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