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Melting Movie

Last night was one of the most unbelievable experiences I've ever had.

Last night was one of the most unbelievable experiences I've
ever had. It was my first time tripping and I was a little
nervous beforehand, but the whole trip turned out to be
pretty good.

I ate about 3 grams of psilocybe mushrooms at about 7:00 on
the way to the movie theater with a few friends. We were
going to see Snatch, and right when the movie started at
about 8:00 I was gone.

I honestly had no idea what would happen, I thought I would
have better control over myself. Turns out I was wrong. I
was so fascinated with the fact that I couldn't keep a grasp
of time, I had no idea how long the movie was going, it was
really weird. I couldn't concentrate at all on one thing,
reality was totally lost. For some reason I was always
wanting to laugh, but I knew I had to hold myself in because
there were a lot of people around and I didn't want to make
a scene. I kept on sticking my fingers in my mouth and just
moving them around, and getting them all wet and then
running my wet hands all over my face. It was very very
strange feeling because it felt like the second my face got
all wet, it seemed to almost dry instantly. Whenever I
looked at one of my friends, their face stared to expand,
and sorta formed into dogs. It was hard to grasp the fact,
that they were on a different level than me. And whenever I
tried to talk to one of them, I started laughing and totally
forgot what I was saying. I finally got myself together to
ask my friend to go to the bathroom with me, because I was
afraid I might get lost. So we went, and when we walked out
of the theater the lights were so bright I seemed to have
lost myself, and was just standing in awe at everything. My
friend said I was making quite a scene, but I fianlly got
into the bathroom, took a piss, and made it back to the

When I got back, this is when I really noticed some
hallucinations. The people in the movie, were totally
melting away. Their chins would drop and it looked like
they were made out of wax. Their eyes would sink back into
their heads, and that one guy with the huge glasses, his
head like was expanding totally. And whenever someone had a
cut and blood was dripping out, the blood would just expand
all over the screen, and the person with the cut seemed to
like start tearing apart and bleeding everywhere. I wasn't
afraid though, I was having a lot of fun.

Whence the movie was over, I made it out to my friend's car,
and we just drove around a while, I told him to stop and I
took a piss in the middle of the road. I think when we were
driving around, I finally started to come to a little, and
realizing I was really tripping, and started to slowly grasp
time. I wanted some milk, so we stopped somewher and got
some. I was so fascinated about it when I put it in my
mouth, it felt like it was really cold air drifting along in
my mouth. All the lights seemed to be on fire, and I told
my friend he could drop me home, cuz I was having a better
time contolloing the trip now.

I watched SNL for a little, and all the people turned to
clay-mation. Then I went to bed and listened to Steroelab,
and just closed my eyes and let all these brilliant lights
let out. I finally went to sleep around 2:00, and woke up
feeling just fine.

So, overall it was a pretty good trip, I think, especially
my first time. I didn't really get scared, except the short
time I realized I was tripping and still couldn't control

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