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Well id just like to start to share my story, with my philosophy on shrooms.

Well id just like to start to share my story, with my philosophy on shrooms. most of you shroomers, probably do, or had smoked marijuana, weed, the doobies, etc., and i used to when i was in early high school, but then my parents started giving me tests, so i needed something that i wouldnt get caught with, and then someone offered me mushies. Magical Mushrooms, Shrooms, Mushies, etc. is by far the best overall "Peace simulator", because it leaves your system fast, and you get a really pleasent high from it, though once i did have a very unpleasent trip. Now, This weekend, my trip started when i put 3 cds in my cd player, The Best Of Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin Zoso, and PHISH farmhouse. Then i ate my liberty caps on a pizza, half normal mushrooms, the other half, magical mushrooms. It tasted wonderfull. about 30 minutes later, my head started spinning, and i thought i saw bob marley infront of me offering me bong hits, then he was playing No Woman No Cry to me, like it was a live show, then he dissapeared and i was sure that jimmy page and the rest of Led Zeppelin fell from the ceiling and started giving me a concert, then as stairway to heaven came on, i felt my self walk up a stairway to heaven. then my doorbell rang, and i opened it, and Trey Anastasio of PHISH walks in with a few friends, walk into my room and wonder why im not jamming with them, then it hits me that their not phish, their my band, and i was supposed to have a jam session. i dotn have a clue how i sounded playing guitar stoned. then i realized that they left and i was alone. i stared at a poster on a wall and i felt like i was there in the scene of shrooms in the poster, and i closed my eyes and i was there. then i woke up in the morning feeling fine.
Peace and Love

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