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Intense Journey


This was my third and best trip. it was the weekend, so i decided to buy some shrooms, i went to my dealer and bought 3 grams. That night, i was hanging around in my living room, my friends were supposed to come over and have some with me, they called and said that they couldn't come. I decided to do the shrooms on my own (bad idea). I quickly munched all of them down with some orange juice so I wouldn't taste them. I decided to watch a movie. I looked through my movie collection and found my favourite movie "The Cell". About 1/2 an hour into the movie, i noticed that the shrooms were kicking in. There was this part in the movie where someone is going into a killer's mind and it shows what they see. It was some super trippy psychadelic thing that was kind of like a tunnel. All of the sudden, it felt like I was travelling through the tunnel, I could see it all around me.while i was in the tunnel, i met someone, it claimed to be my guardian angel. I couldn't really see him but I could sense he was there, it was sending me telepathic messages about things I had dealt with in my life. I got to the end of the tunnel and I was in the neighbourhood that I used to live in. I saw my house, but it didn't look normal. I went closer and instead of the house being made of normal bricks, it was made of bricks of hash! i met up with my guardian angel and he said not to take life so seriously and to have fun. he hinted to me that that was the meaning of life. That the meaning of life was not to try so hard, not to accomplish all that you can, but to have fun. After he said that, I was back in my living room watching the movie, and it felt like many many hours had passed, although the movie was only in the next scene. I had travelled so far and found the meaning of life in about ten seconds. My friends then came over and we listened to some Phish (with trippy results).

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