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Free your mind

Hello, I dont usually share my trips with others.

Hello, I dont usually share my trips with others. However i found this one quite intriquing to say at the least. My setting started in my room of my basement suite, past that i probably couldnt say for sure. Me and my friend, managed to obtain 12 grams of liberty caps, and two hits of acid. We were supposed to split it 50/50, but he decide that he didnt want any acid. I took both hits. But after two hours no effects had set in. Becoming impatient we both took our 6 grams of shrooms.

Well, i thought that i have had some strong trips before in my life but wow. We were pumping tunes on my stereo (its a pretty loud one too), we had some Bt, Orb and the like on. The first thing i really started to notice was the music became REALLY defined. It started to sound louder and i could make out every word, note, pitch without even trying. The sound became 3d. Like surround sound isnt even a good comparision for what im talking about. It just came at me from all directions.

Deciding that i had been lying there too long with my eyes closed, at least an hour in my mind. I decided to check on my friend. And sure enough, i seen him there on the floor. He looked like he was having fun. So i decided to check the scenery... I have 14 posers on my wall - 5 are trip posters and the rest are anime and such. None of them were ANYTHING when i looked at them and they were alll coming out. The first one, i dont even know what it was... became a gaping black jaw which came out of the wall and literally grabed my friend and pulled him into the wall. I FREAKED! i got up and tried to run out of the room, but the door just simply became wall. Promptly the celing dropped 5 feet so i had to fall to the ground. The music became suddenly very loud and i couldnt help but start to fall into it. It just captivated me... I could even hear the cd player spinning. The light went from a pale yellow to a psychidellic green/blue/orange/purple/red spectrum. And one poser - A great tiger bounded out of the wall to get me... I couldnt take it anymore so i decided to call someone. I reached into my pocket to get my cell phone but my hand got lost in pocket. I couldnt not find anything in there. So i kept trying and trying and finnally i managed to pull out a black block of mass that i couldnt even begin to describe. I decided it HAD to be my cell phone... there were no buttons on it though.

Im sure someone must have found the expression on my face amusing when it started to talk to me. Not a person on the phone... but my phone. i threw it into the wall and hid under my couch. My phone knocked a hole into the wall and broke the fabric of time. The hole in the wall became larger and larger letting a swirl of color into the place i was in. (not even a room anymore). I couldnt even recognize where i was, i was completely disoriented. I thought that i recognized my blanket but it was the wrong color and pattern.

At that point i was more confused than scared. I kept forgetting what was happining. It stopped scaring me and started to mystify me. Heres were it started to get weird for me. Words were starting to get confusing. I kept forgetting things... like at first i tried remembering my name. But then i forgot what i was doing. And what names were why i needed a name... why i am? am i ? wafakjhtfuatgagbkjasdgbkgjbag.... kinda like that you know? my thought pattern kept stalling. Then everything got really black. Then colorful on the blackness. And it stayed like that for who knows how long. I cant really remember what i thought here, so im not even going to try to explain it because it would probably look like this (arhgkjsabg) etc etc. But i remember trying to focus on one of the colors and it eventually defined into my tv. then objects slowly came back into focus one by one.

I went searching for my friend and he was in the kitchen eating. He said i had been tripping for about 8 hours. When he came down he just left the room cause he thought i was passed out.

Anyways. Too insane for me. One and only time expreience. I personally think though that it is a change for the better.


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