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This was my best trip so far so enjoy:) It all started when my parents left to go to Bermuda for a week, I have an older brother that is 21 so he watched us.

This was my best trip so far so enjoy:) It all started when my parents left to go to Bermuda for a week, I have an older brother that is 21 so he watched us. Of couyrse he didnt give a fuck what we did and he wasnt even there half the time. Anyways of course we had to have a party. I drove up to the ATM and took out 150 dollars, so did a couple of my friends (in their accounts) we had abut $320 total and went to buy shrooms, beer, and munchies. We got home about 12:00 and instantly started dosing. I killed three beers then ate 1/4 of an ounce of goldcaps (best fucking shrooms!!!). I sat on the couch and tried to get some play with this girl but she wouldnt give me any cuz she said i was high and all i wanted was to screw (whats wrong with that??? its a goddamn party!!!)Anyways, the effects started hitting me hard. My dog was walking on two feet and smokin some bud. He asked me to pass him a beer. I did and he walked into my closet and closed the door. Then I heard someone yell downstairs. I ran down the steps and saw a bear in my livingroom (little did i know this was real!)I saw the bear in the livingroom and instantly thought "Wow this is cool". I yelled that is was a hallucination but people crowded into rooms and closets, closing the doors. I was alone with the bear and I told him to fuck off for now and come back later. He stood on his hind legs and growled. I thought for a second that this could be real but then i remembered i was on shrooms. I thought that since i was tripping i could do whatever i wanted. I wiggled my hands and light started glowing from them, I threw the light at the bear but he just got bigger. He started toward me so i ran upstairs, taunting him and throwing things at him the whole time. Then i noticed little dwarfs runnig around the room. I told them there was a bear downstairs and asked them to kick its ass. The nodded and ran down the steps, jumping on the bear and beating it. It roared again and ate one of the dwarfs. Green blood squirted everywhere. Then i noticed my hands were red and i was holding a ball of electricity. I wiggled my hands and the ball of electricity got bigger. I threw it at the bear from the stairs and it hit the bear square in the face. The bear splattered into a million peices and the dwarfs danced and clapped. I then went down the steps but it was like i was walking down a sand dune cause my feet were sinking into the steps. I melted into the steps and fell through them. I landed on my basement floor. It looked like i was in a cavern and there was a lake in the middle of the floor. penguins were walking everywhere and they all flicked me off as they passed, they were carrying towels and heading toward the lake. Just as the first penguin went into the water, it turned into a fish and swam out into the middle then went under water. I got mad that they flicked me off so i ran after them and tackled one. I started punching it and the others dropped their towels and jumped on me. They kicked my ass!! They kicked me a couple times then walked away. I was hurting so bad. I thought that i shouldnt let them get away with it so i stood up and punted one of them into the lake. the others cracked their knuckles and ran after me. I grabbed one of them and dragged him into the lake then tried to drown him. The others jumped on me in the water and pushed on me. They wrapped around my ankles and held me under the water. I was losing my breath so i started to punch the ones on my ankle. They let go and i swam to the surface. They all then surfaced around me and i noticed the water was all different colors and i wasn't in the cavern anymore. I was in a zoo inside a tiger cage. The penguins circled around me but then i remembered the electricity ball. I made another but this time i made it huge and crisped all of themin one shot. Then everything went black an i saw multicolor lighting. Then this huge penguin punched me in my face. That was an incredible pain!!! I was rolling around in the blackness and he kicked me in my ribs. I felt them break and that hurt like hell too. All of a sudden i was back in my living room and it was trashed. The walls were falling over and my parents were yelling at me. Then i noticed a gun in my hand and i shot myself. I saw angels flying around the room and they took my parents away saying I was now in hell. The house went up in flames and I ran out the back door. I was snowing really hard out so i slid down the hill in my backyard to put out the flames. Then i layed at the bottom and watched the snow fall for A WHILE!! The snow went away after a while and everything sorta faded back to normal. I stood up and saw people sitting on my back porch yelling me. I went up and they told me what had happened. ***AFTER-STORY REPORT***:we live up in the mountains and this really happened, during the party some people were on my back porch smokin when a bear came up the steps, they ran inside, leaving the door open. The bear knocked down the screen door and came inside. They told me some people ran into rooms and some ran outside then went home. They said they watched me through the windows and I was yelling at the bear. They said then i ran up the stairs and threw a lamp at it. That is when it ran out the front door, which was left open by fleeing people. They said they didnt see me for the rest of the party until now and asked me where I had went. I told them and asked them why they didnt go home or call the police or something. They said they dint want to go home high/drunk/tripping so they chilled in the back yard. i said okay and told them to go home. Needless to say i blamed the house being trashed on the bear and a month later i found a stuffed penguin in our basement that had been torn to peices.

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