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This is GOOD!

This is GOOD!


- Setting, My buddy Russ's house. Nobody home, 3 floors of tripping fun.

- Trippers, Myself, Russ, And Trevor. Were all almost out of high school.

Ok, so here it goes. The three of us manage to obtain an ounce of mushrooms from our friendly neighboorhood dealer. And you know what? They were pretty good mushrooms.

So we head back to Russ's place. Now ive only done mushrooms maybe three or four times before - and never very much, however i can tell you that i CANT stand the taste. So we put them in to OOO gel caps (those are about as fat as your pinky finger). After dividing up our WHOLE ounce between the three of us, we were ready to take them. I had about 12 caps, so maybe 9 grams or so.

Aparently the gel caps increase the time it takes to kick in because we sat around impatiently for about an hour or so. (The best ones are the ones were you take them, sit around and nothing happens. So you curse the dumb fuck who ripped you off.... and then BAM! your trippin so hard).

Sitting in my buddies room i start to vaugely notice that his light has smaller branches of light coming off of it. And that all those braches are swirling around in a pattern. Cool. I start to figit with my hands. They dont feel right. They feel wet. I cant dry them off. I keep rubbing them on my pants. They still feel wet. Ok. I cant deal with that im thinking. So we put on some tunes. I think its rap. I dont like rap much to trip on, but they seem to want to hear it so thats ok. I grab a can of pepsi. (remember the can of pepsi). We all get bored of being in Russ's room, so we go upstairs... Why? We dont know because were all trippin now. Upstairs is BRIGHT!!!! There is a sharp rainbow of color streaming in from the window. I stand still for about 10 minutes and realize i cant make my legs move. Just about then my buddy Trev falls into me and i hit my back on the wall. (I didnt even hit the wall). Im on the ground and i still can move my legs. I calmly explain that i broke my back. I can feel the specific vertabrate that i broke. Its sticking out. I can feel the cool breeze against my damaged nerves. I have to pee. Or at least i think i do. Im not really sure. I CRAWL to the bathroom. I get lost on the way there. So my friends decide to help me. We end up outside. I try to piss outside but its hard lying on your back. Everything is way past breathing now. No everything is melting into the ground. Trees look like they are made of wax. And some cosmic force is holding a lighter up to them way to close. They just stand, sag and melt straight into the ground. I KNOW i have to pee know. I crawl back inside and by some fluke chance find what i assume to be the bathroom. I ask my friends to assist me into a standing position that i might pee like a man. (Bad idea, standing up). So im standing, by myself. At first i thought i would be okay. But i tried to get my zipper undone for like 15 HOURS! i swear. I give up and just pull my pants down. I dont know why nobody talks about this, but looking at your dick is FUCKED UP trippin this hard. It gets all big and then all small and shit... Fucked up. So im pissing a rainbow into a green toilet, when out of nowhere the toilet says "Stop pissing on me" and sinks into a swirling vortex of color in the ground. I immediatly stop pissing on it. Then i start apologizing profusely too it. Me and the toilet/vortex have a conversation for at least an hour or so. After making my peace with the toilet, i head... somewhere - i still dont have any idea where im going. I end up in russ's room, him and trevor are there again watching posters. Ok. So i sit down. Trevor suddenly bolts upright. What time is it? - we all take a shot at reading the clock but it doesent work well. The closest i could do was a bunch of colorful shapes. So he decides he HAS to phone his dad to tell him where he is. Me and Russ try our hardest to control ourselves. He picks up the phone and dials a number. All we see is the following.

Trevor : Hello? Is Dad there?
( The other side says something back )
Trevor : I dont know.
( The other side says something more serious )
Trevor : I DONT KNOW!
( trevor then starts screaming i dont know over and over and over until he hangs up the phone )

Me and Russ start laughing our asses off. Some time passes. And all of a sudden i cant even remember if that actually happend. I ask my friends, but they dont remember for sure either. Then Russ asks me if he can have a drink of my pepsi. What pepsi? The one im STILL holding. I say ok but dont give it too him. My hand wont let go. I leave the room for some reason i can explain. All the pictures in the hallway greet me as i pass. I go to the garage. I want to fix my car parked in it. I get in my car. I put the key in, i dont want to drive. I know that. But somehow my car starts. "Hello, do you want to go for a ride?" My car doesent normally talk to me this much :) I tell it no, but it is sad, so i tell it yes, but only for a short one and only if it drives... i try to explain that im fucked up on mush and shouldnt be driving. It agrees that it should drive. So we back out of the garage. We should turn into the road but it doesent turn. It just keeps going straight backwards. I ask it why it isnt turning to go down the road. It says that we are going to take a shortcut. It explains that it knows where it has to go. I look down at my stereo, i ask my car if i can listen to some music. It says i can, but i have to do it. It also says that i should get it new tires and some gas. I agree, after all it was being very nice to me. Then i feel a sudden jerk and my car starts to cry. I ask it what is wrong and it says that it is hurt. I exit the car (falling out to be precise), and pet my car, whispering reassurances to it. And telling it that it will be okay. I even kissed it several times. I explain that i have to go to the house to get some bandaids. I go back to the house and try to go in through the sliding doors which are open, i slam into a unknown force, and fall on my ass. Ok. So i go to the door. The knocker (they have one of those old ones) asks me who i am. I cheerfully give it my name and it tells me to enter. I do so. Once inside i go and sit on the couch. I cant even remember why i came in. My friends come upstairs, and we sit and listen to tunes. After a while the visuals start to die off and i can remember my name. After im complely down i put my pepsi down. Its sooooo warm and the can is dented in several places. Then something nugges me from the corner of my mind. I go outside just on a whim. And my car is still idleing in the middle of the alley with the door wide open and the keys in it.

I accedentally rolled back into someones fence. This was just a month or so ago. Coincidentally i fixxed the dent, got it new tires and changed all the fluids. :)

Well, Dont take your everyday things for granted... they may just have an opinion.


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