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The Vision

It was about a month ago, when i ate about an ounce of shrooms, between me and another friend.

It was about a month ago, when i ate about an ounce of shrooms, between me and another friend. we sat on a bench in the park, giggling at first, but then it hit me, a blurr of ecstasy and joy, surged through my body.. it was almost orgasmic, I fell back on the floor, shuddering.. laughing.. i got up about 5 minutes later.. but it felt about 2 years.. my legs creaked and moaned every step.. as i got to my house, the key hole yelped as i slid the key in. I stepped inside and looked up to the visual's, a million flights of stairs. hands in the walls, pictures waving and throbbing, I stood there in Awe, but no fear, only the Ecstasy warping my vision.. as new blood flowed into my eyes, i watched a figure in a blue cloak, fight a creature, with a split toungue in vain.. i calmly walked up the stairs, reaching my bedroom. where my grandfather stood (he's deceased) he hugged me and explained something about 'the cosmos' and 'karma' i nodded my head and grasped it, i explained about Virtual reality to him, as he smiled he said these words of wisdom to me: 'don't fear the ones that are different, because in the end they will probably save you' as for now, my trip nearly 5 hours long, my legs began to throb. as i sat down, to rub them.. i blinked probably 50 times in the second, it was like a strobe light, i saw past friends and loves every time... now the joy is gone, and i'm flippin' out.. my ICQ is going 'uhuhuhuhhhuuhohohoohohohohohoohh' every message.. and my vision is trailed.. every time i type a word, a voice in the back of my head says it, i'm hysterical, my friend comes in the room 'oh my god! i thought i lost you' and shit like that, his eyes shrink wrapped in tears. i lay down on the bed.. sobbing .. and i try to fall asleep, but my eyelids are transparent.. about 3 hours later, the visuals are gone.. and i'm back to normal.. whoa fuck.. was that messed

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