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No Regrets

I've posted my first trip (Level 3, First Trip--LONG) in the level 3 section if u also wanna check that one out.

I've posted my first trip (Level 3, First Trip--LONG) in the level 3 section if u also wanna check that one out....but anyway heres my last trip which id say was a level 4 (acid trip--we took 3 1/2 hits of 4 week-old pez but they still did the trick). this is also kind of a long detailed story just so u know...
My friend Matt (from the previous trip) invited me over to trip at his house but my mom, knowing he does drugs, wouldn't let me go over (which would have been perfect he has no parental supervision). But my mom said he could come over so long as we slept downstairs bcuz my mom didnt want us in my room while she was asleep (she didnt want me to smoke weed). So he comes over at around 5 and we start setting up my room for tripping (oh ya we were allowed in there while she was awake) and we turned on the jacuzzi. We hung out for a few hours until about 7 and went to see if the jacuzzi was warm and of course it wasn't. We went in anyway and took the pez while my mom was looking away. The jacuzzi was freezing cold and we finished the pez so we decided to go out and back up to my room. We waited a while for the acid to kick in, and we started watching half baked. My friend said he started seeing some visuals but i only had the funny feeling in my cheeks (chipmunk cheeks). My mom, about 40 min. into the trip, called me on the phone yelling Get Down Here Right Now! I was freaked out i thought we were busted. We walk downstairs and im starting to have major laugh attacks. When we get to my mom shes like "There's a Jimi Hendrix thing on tv...lets watch it." i didnt want to becuz i thought for sure id be caught...but we had to give in cuz she was gettin angry. i was laughing but trying to hold it in as much as possible while we were watching. i couldnt take it so i told my mom that matt and i were gonna go in the jacuzzi so we went upstairs to change and we went back outside. i started to get some visuals by this time and matt was like The Water's really warm! so i was excited and i jumped in. it was fuckin freezing cold and he was just really confused. i was ready to kill him. we were like fuck it its too cold so we went back to my room. we started tripping harder and harder so we turned on some tunes like Pink Floyd's Ummagumma and Beatles...it was about 10:00 and my mom was goin to sleep so we said goodnight and (mistake) went back to my room. we hung out in my loft for most of the peak and mostly stared at how amazing the carpet was (mad kaleidoscopes and stuff) ... the best part was probably looking at my arms -- the hairs were little black spikes retracting and growing it was amazing...so we walked around and enjoyed our trip as much as we could and we started coming down. my friend wanted to go downstairs and go to sleep...i was reluctant bcuz i wanted to feed off the trip as much as i could but he was insistant so we opened my door to go downstairs...suddenly, matt says Sean your mom is calling you! my heart jumped like it never has before. i walked back up to my moms room where she was in bed, and she turned the light on. first of all, her face was EXTREMELY distorted so i started freaking out. she said What are you guys doin in ur room so i said as best i could...
"we aren't tired so we were playing computer games."
"oh,i thought ur computer wasnt working."
"oh it isnt."
"well is it or isn't it?"
"it is"
"why are your eyes dilated? if u have anything come clean with it now."
i was freaked out beyond belief,i couldnt speak right at all so i admitted to doing weed which i clearly did not do. if i would have said acid i would have been screwed for sure. she was sooooo pissed i couldnt believe it. i went back downstairs after and we watched alice in wonderland. my head wasnt clear enough to go to sleep, but my friend was tired. i was freaking out, violently shaking and whatnot becuz i thought i would be kicked out of the house and i thought id never stop tripping. to make a long story short, my friend,of course, is never allowed to see me out of school again so we cant trip as much anymore :( . i dont have that many regrets as it still was a lot of fun but it screwed over our friendship out of school. im still gonna trip a lot more tho. :)

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