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Call 911

Setting: in my apartment Time: 4:00pm Dose: 7 1/2 grams each Number of trippers: 4 I had been growing the EQ's for some time, mostly without any luck.

Setting: in my apartment
Time: 4:00pm
Dose: 7 1/2 grams each
Number of trippers: 4

I had been growing the EQ's for some time, mostly without any luck. I've dosed at 3 1/2 grams and 5 grams before. They were trips, but nothing intense. This time I thought we'd take 30 grams between the 4 of us. The night before I had a very large dinner, and on this day I only had a poppy seed muffin at noon and a sandwhich in the morning. The rest of my friends didn't eat much either. We were supposed to take it all at 3pm, but two of my friends didn't show up yet, so me and friend 'A' took them at 4pm because we were sick of waiting. 15 minutes later friend 'A' comments that his head feels very loose. I look up at the ceiling and the shadows coming through the blinds were pulsating. I thought at this point I was gonna have a great trip.

Friends 'B' and 'C' finally arive 10 minutes later. As I open up the door I told them that they are gonna have to catch up.

They sit down and we split up their 7 1/2 grams each. One of whom only decides to take about 5, leaving the rest in the bag. One friend moves the table towards him to help prepare his meal, but yelled at him not to tip over the table because it looked as though he was lifting it up over his head. They all looked at me wondering what the hell I was talking about. I had purchased some glow sticks and we started playing with those for about 20 minutes. Friend 'B' started munching on some of the left over shrooms that friend 'C' didn't eat. I put in a video I had baught earlier that week, Odyssey Into The Minds Eye (a computer animation video, very trippy). I sat down with the remote, looking at all of the buttons. Normally I could find all of the controls for the VCR, stereo, TV and cable box without looking. I couldn't even comprehend which button switched the controls over to VCR (which is just one button on the upper left). Finally after 5 minutes of not being able to turn it on, I said 'fuck technology', stood up, walked over to the VCR to push play, but as I got there and reached out my hand, I started walking backwards uncontrollably. the harder I tried getting to the VCR, the harder it got not to go backwards. Finally I was able to hit the play button. Phew. I sit down in another chair closer to the TV. I notice the carving of a wizard I made in high school art class. I grabbed it and tossed it to my friends. As I turn away to watch the video, I can hear them make action figure noises while playing with the carving. The whole time hearing friend 'B' saying 'oh man I'm fucked up'. I somehow stand again, finding myself trying to take a group photo with friend 'A' and 'B'. We had to hold each other up. We sit down again over on the far end of the room by the couch. I was sitting on the floor in between friend 'C' who was on the couch to my left, and friend 'A', who was in the recliner to my right. I looked over at each one of them and I felt like I was towering over them, looking down on them even though I was sitting below them. This was really cool. Somehow I found myself in the recliner (don't know how I got there). At this point it was very difficult to breath. I couldn't feel any air going into my lungs. I started to panic. Friend 'C' reassured me I was breathing. The room started getting red. My blood felt like it was boiling, I was literally on fire. I stood up and TRIED to walk around to calm myself down. This didn't help, I just got hotter and hotter. Friend 'A' told me to lie on the floor because there was a cold air draft coming in from the other room. As I lay down, total hell broke loose. I hear the other three having the time of their life, and I lie there breathing very heavily. I hear friend 'C' ask me if I'm all right about 3 times. Each time I couldn't reply. Finally he asks me one more time and I said 'no'. They crowd around me as I'm squirming around, arms and legs reaching out uncontrollably. They harder I tried to get into a more comfortable position to calm myself down, the more I felt myself separating from myself. This really scared me. It was as though I was fighting to keep me inside of myself. Friend 'C' told me to just stay calm or I would hyperventalate.

I sat up, looked at the time, it was only 5:45. Only 15 minutes into the video we were watching. I was trying to remember how long my trips usually last, and I couldn't remember. I fell over, and my head went backwards, almost like it was under my back. I screamed 'call 911, get help!'. This really made things go bad. I started saying 'I don't want to die, hurry up!'. I heard friend 'A' and 'C' scurry around trying to figure out what to do. Friend 'B' was too fucked up to know something was wrong with me. Friends 'A' and 'C' drug me into the other room where a window was wide open. I dropped to the floor, crawled under my computer desk, and tried to comprehend what everyone is gonna say when they found out I died from shrooms. I told friend 'A' to get rid of all the growing equipment in my room. I didn't want to die with that stuff in my apartment. He said he would do it tomorrow (I didn't realize he was tripping really hard). He sat there and talked to me, making sure I would not pass out. I was still hot. I had friend 'C' pour ice cold water on my face. Ahhhh. Instant relief. I started feeling better imediatly. I wanted to see friend 'B' before I died, I started screaming his name, but he wouldn't come. He was too fucked up to move. So I starting thinking he was dying also. What have I done! All of us are gonna die. I never felt so bad in my entire life. So much stuff I wanna do but never done. So many people I want to meet but never seen. I can't die now. With the help of friend 'A', I got to the couch and sat my friend 'B'. He seemed fine. Slowly things were coming back. I found out that no one called 911. They knew I was just having a bad trip. I started feeling GREAT! I was laughing at everything and anything again. I was talking to friend 'A' about what just happened, and I heard friend 'B' say 'who, why did they do that', I turned to look at him, and he was laying down watching TV. Hmm, did I hear him say that? I started talking to friend 'A' again. I looked over at friend 'B' and he was looking at me, I looked away, heard him say again 'who, why did they do that'. I looked back, and his head was down again. This happened over, and over again. At first I thought I was hearing things, or trapped in a world that just kept repeating itself. It turns out friend 'B' was the one who was really fucked up. He kept saying the same things over and over, not realizing he just said them. He said he missed his girlfriend, we asked how was she, and he then wondered why we were talking about her. His memory lasted for only a few seconds everytime. He passed out about 4 or 5 times. Everytime waking up a little better. When waking up at one point, he wanted a beer and a cigarette. He opened the beer, and put it on the table. He lit a cig and took a couple puffs off it. Next thing I know, friend 'A' runs across the room, picks up the cig that friend 'B' just threw. He started going through his cigs, pulling them out breaking them and throwing them everywhere while screaming, 'this is a sin, repent your sins, repent!'. He then grabbed the beer on the table, turned it up side down, and tried setting it down on the table again with beer pouring out everywhere. Friend 'C' tried to stop him, but was frozen in his place as he watched in astonishment at the bubbles soaked into the carpet. I finally grabbed the beer and take it away from him. At this point my trip was over. Which astonished me. This was the most intense trip of my life, and it only lasted 4 1/2 hours. Everyone else was still tripping. Their trips lasted 6-8 hours. As everything wore down for everyone else, we sat back, kicked back a few beers, then the night was over.

I learned alot from this experience

1. Don't ever call 911 when someone is having a bad trip. It will end, just not when you want it too.
2. Never give someone who has tripped only a couple times in his whole life 7 1/2 grams.
3. If you are having a bad trip, cool yourself down, and lay down and breath slowly and deeply.

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