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The fabric of space

I just ate mushroomos for the first time last friday [three days ago].

I just ate mushroomos for the first time last friday [three days ago]. A friedn of mine said he could get a hold of them ,and I said to myself, "what the hell, might as well see what happens". A little background info on myself: student at an Ivy League Institution, fairly regualr pot smoker for a few years, musician, and very into [para]logical phenomena. I also have strong interests in philosophy, linguistics, and abstract mathematical connections between the two.
Regardless, I along with three friends of mine, consumed an 1/8 each at approx. 9:35 pm. I ahdnt eaten anything all day, except a bagel at around noon that day. Within five minutes of ingesting the mushrooms [which I identified as Psilocybe cubensis , thanks to the images on Erowid.org], i felt my legs start to get a little jello-ish. I dismissed this as a placebo, and went proceeded to go to a party with my friends to see if anyone else wanted to come along to her apratment later on. By the time I arrived at the party, I could already feel my body tingling. "I think im going to trip really hard tonight" I said to my firend as she passed me a cigarette. "yea, we should get to my apt. and out this party pretty soon" she replied. The walk to the building was interesting. For the first time, it felt as if all of the things I had conceptualized in my mind were actual material forms. The street lights seemes brighter, and the sirens sounded like they were orchestrated. I remember looking up at the apartment building and just thinking how big it was. By the time we got up to the room, we [me especially] were attacked with the giggles.

"Pop in Fantasia" someone told me. I had jacked it from my roommates pile of movies earlier. By this point, things were starting to get really interesting for me. The silhoueete from Leopold the conductor on the blue background was vibrating. Then the music started. My friend passed me a bowl and told me to smoke a little weed, he said it makes the trip even stronger. So of course i complied. I think it was the combination of things that made me go over the top. Next thing up on the Fantasia roster: [of all things] dancing mushrooms. "Look at em go!" was what i yelled for the next 2 hours. Except it wasnt two hour. it was about 2 minutes.

I closed my eyes and saw waht i could only describe as three dimensional graphs morphing and molding, bending around on top of each other in infinite space. I ran over to the mirror. "Look at my pupils, Look at my pupils!!". All i had were pupils.

The next two hours were an orgy of mental chaos. I would keep on seeing images of computer screens with constantly refreshing images; at several different points in time, i felt that i was JFK, Richard Nixon, and Stanley Kubrick.

I lie. There were no different points in time. Simultaneousness and Temporal order ceased to exist. Everything was happening all at once, and centuries apart from each other. I started counting backwards in decades. I saw the 90's, the 80's, the 70's, the 60's, the 50's...etc. For the first two decades back, the ones where i existed, I literally saw every memory o had ever had in reverse order. For the decades before [after?] that, I was seeing all historical events. Christ, I was all historical events. I became fearful that i was going crazy, at the samew time that My head wouldnt stop thinking aournd in circles, i was telling myself that everything was going to be okay. I kept on repeating different phrases over and over again: "All of my greatest hopes an fears", "It will be ok", "Im going to be like this forever", "i can see the infinite". I was scared for awhile.Fantasia was morphing. The devil from "NIght on Bald Mountain" was throwing lightning bolts that were coming oout of the screen and into the room. My friends faces started bubbling. One by one, they each turned green, then purple, then everytihing became exagerrated. A smile would contort into an ugly joker-esque grin, with the edges of the mouth extending up to the ceiling, and the tip of the nose dropping down the the floor. Teeth would yellow and fall out. I took of my glasses and watched them bend like the spoon that the little boy in "The Matrix" holds up and shows to Keanu Reeves. "The trick is, there are no glasses". My fingers strated to stretch to an infinite length. I looked in the mirro again and looked at my pupils. Within a second, they were replaced with spirals that sucked me into the middle of my head, which was surpisingly void. IN fact, it was the void. My cranium was composed of absolutely nothing except a perfect vacuum; complete absence of matter. Complete tranquility. This concept blew me away on such a deep logical/spiritual level that I vomited. Of course, i probably vomited because i hadnt eaten in a day also and had a belly full of shrooms ;-) I drank a little water and lef the bathroom. I asked my friend what she thought about free love, love, Stnaley Kubrick movies, Jim MOrrison, physics, time, aztecs, mayans.

Mayans. I cant forget about them. One lapse of the trip, of the journey [that is how it manifested itself to me as it got stronger], involved the vision of a tribal people, all dancing. They never stoppped dancing. I saw the years pass, thousands of years pass, and the same tribe was dancing. I started to hear music; evolving from very basic tribal drumming structures to, up through modern electronic music, and beyond. Shamans were replaced by DJ's. The tribal peopls were now dressed in loose fitting clothing, and then some shiny material that was fused to their skin. I started to dance. Alone. shirtless in the living room. I put on a CD and danced for an hour straight, using the music on the album as a rhythmic reference point of my body movements, and dancing to hte music and the visions in my head. By this time it was three in the morning. I could start to realize waht was real and waht was a result of my brief psychosis [I mean that in a more complimenttary way than you could possibly imagine].

Visions of paradise, chaos, entropy, infinity, infinitely small microcosms, space time continuums, all jungian archetypal characters simultaneously, primitive man, death, eternal life, eternal suffering, my own death, my own rebirth, the purgation of my subconcious. and this was the first time. :-)

I'll try to keep you posted.


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