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crazy night

One night a few weeks ago me and some friends were all sitting around drunk at about 1 am and we decided we should mushroom.

One night a few weeks ago me and some friends were all sitting around drunk at about 1 am and we decided we should mushroom. so we called up norman, he is 50 year old dude who lives on campus and grows some great, strong ass mushrooms at his place and hes always looking for people to trip with. so he comes over with an oz. and me, john, rob, tom and norm dig in and finish them all off with some peanut butter. we were all in johns room downstairs and there was all kinds of people coming in and out drunk and being retarded. i started tripping about 20 minutes later and soon we all were. everyones head looked so big to me and they looked like computer graphics, i was seeing pixels in everything i looked at. norman also has a many excellent buds he grows so he packed the bowl constantly all night. i swear we smoked at least an oz. we were all drunk too so everything was hilarious to me.i love getting drunk and then tripping because you're just in a natural goofy mood, theres no worries. anything anyone said just made me crack up and the whole room was laughing for hours. except tom who went to the bathroom about 30 minutes into the trip and locked himself in all freaked out. it happended to him once before too. we kept yelling at him to come out but he wouldnt answer and then we heard a thud like he fell. we finally unlocked the door and he was just lying next to the tub on the floor mumbling to himself. we thought it was hilarious and me and rob kept just looking at him laughing, he didnt look like himself at all. there was just something so humorous about the situation. then we put on fear and loathing in las vegas and it was so perfect and funny. i kept saying these guys know just whats going on. that movie is great. drunk people kept coming in out and talking to us and i had trouble talking to them because they werent on my same level. i couldnt tell what they were talking about and there stories and moods seemed so weird i just kept laughing if someone talked to me. i was getting so many crazy visuals too, they were just unreal and indescribable. when i put my hand behing my head i could see them through the back of skull. it was incredibly crazy. after the movie we were all sitting around talking and laughing at about 4:30 and tom comes walking out of the bathroom with a huge smile on his face. we all cracked up and were like "what the hell happened to you"? and he was just laughing like "i have no idea, i think i almost lost my mind" so we smoked some weed and chilled until about 6 and then passed out. i just drifted off thinking what a great night...

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