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Dark Side of the Moon

Recently i started growing shrooms and i finally had enough to give myself and some friends a healthy dose.

Recently i started growing shrooms and i finally had enough to give myself and some friends a healthy dose. I had experimented with small amounts and found them to be quite potent, so we all ate about 1-1.5 grams of cubensis equadors.
On shrooms... myself, my girlfriend, and my buddy Ian. A russian guy named Hans was our driver and his russian friend did a tab of acid and bout a gram of shrooms. This was all about an hour and a half before the show started. On the way we picked up these two other girls who also did bout a gram, needless to say when we arrived 50min later we unanimously decided that we were going up...strong!
We all purchased our tickets with varying difficulty, and were really tripped out to find this other private square dance party going on all around us..plus they were all dressed up. So we smoked a quick joint outside and then went upstairs to wait the last 15 min.
Really wierd elevator ride, about ten people in it and im sure they were all drunk, stoned, or high. It was like an endurance trial waiting for the show to start, standing, surrounded by a bunch of other high people, and fighting off an almost overwhelming scense of "going up". But at last...we were let in. (the guy who did the acid was barely able to talk)
We layed down on the stage instead of the chairs, its the best seat in the house, and were assulted by stimuli as soon as the first note played. Wow! awesome effects! coloured patterns, still frame images, strobe effect, music loud, blurring lazer effect, party smoke drifting over me, aren't those lazers really close? And almost before it began it was over....wheres everyone going? i dont want to move, where are we?? And then i was suddenly going down this creepy stone stairwell and soon we are outside and all we can do is look at each other and make sounds of bewilderment! Now im not sure, but the lazer show seemed absolutely amazing and the visuals seemed to fit the sound track flawlessly!
So after the show we were still peaking so we walked around the waterfront, smoked some pot, talked a little, then piled into hans' van to go smoke joints somewhere else. My GOD!is he a bad driver! We almost crashed more times than i can count, and even in my inumbreated state im sure i could have driven home much safer. But by the time we made it back to ians i was able to drive my girlfriend and myself home whithout any swerves, emergency stops, traffic signal confusion, and no wrong turns! I kept thinking to myself how the russian driver could not be stoned out of his gourd and still drive sooo bad!
Needless to say my mushrooms get an A+ from everyone and a lazer light show....especially dark side of the moon...makes for an unbelieveable trip, and i recommend it for everyone!

And remember...
when the strobe flashes.....
you are only temporarily blind!!

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