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we had bought the shrooms at the head shop downtown (they were called "Hawaiin Blue", and after taking the train to a friends house, we took them at about 10:30pm, washing them down with some weird peach juice.

we had bought the shrooms at the head shop downtown (they were called "Hawaiin Blue", and after taking the train to a friends house, we took them at about 10:30pm, washing them down with some weird peach juice. we sat around and talked in a parking lot for about 45 minutes, when my friend started telling me about how the ground was breathing. i look down, and sure enough, it was breathing (?!). i started feeling "down" and "heavy", but then out of nowhere i shot up and felt "high". i became very energetic, spinning around, giggling, laughing with my friend. while spinning around towards the other side of the parking lot, i thought my friend had jumped out at me from the darkness and yelled "sh-t" at me. i freaked out and started giggling some more, and ran back over to him.
now after this i don't remember the exact timeline in which things happened, but i remember what happened. we started staring at this badger that was on this sign, and i thought it was opening and closing its mouth. for some reason we thought it was hostile. my friend started freaking out because he thought it had turned into charlie manson (?!) so i in turn freaked out and thought it was chasing us. we ran into a convinience store across the street. my friend whispered to me "do not act high!" he then proceeded to shriek and run around the store in circles, with me following him. we ran outside, and saw this white powder on the ground. he told me it was cocaine, and that i should snort it. i bent over to snort it, but started giggling and blew the powder away. we then skipped over to the parking lot and sat down on the curb. we stared down at the asphalt, and all of a sudden i saw the little rocks in the asphalt rise up and became little people that were orange (?). they looked like peasants from 19th century china, and were dragging us off the curb somehow. i looked at a drain near the curb and clumps of dirt turned into alligators, as the drain itself turned into a whirlpool. the little people eventually dragged me off the curb and i fell over. we then got up and went over to this puddle that had cherry blossom petals in it. i started giggling some more as the petals swam around and formed my name. we went over to this other friends apartment building, and i looked in a mirror and thought i was turning into one of the people from insane clown posse (?!). our friends weren't out yet, so we skipped over to the street. this other guy that was there threw this patterned tile at us, which landed at our feet and broke up into lizards which crawled up our legs. we shreiked and ran around the street, throwing things at each other. then these girls called my friends cell phone. we thought they were asking us if we were dead, but they denied asking us that later on. we started giggling and telling them that we weren't dead and hung up on them. we finally met up with our other friends, who knew we were gone, and went to a bar. me and my trip-buddy sat in a corner, having some heinekins (though he warned me never to drink alcohol while tripping, as apparently it shuts down your liver?) and playing weird games with our cigarettes. we then jumped up and ran out of the bar, leaving our friends with the tab. we got into an elevator, but it seemed as though the walls were somehow...out of place. it was like they were closing in on us, then zooming out into infinite space. i kept on having these hands spasms, where i kept on grabbing my wallet and squishing it, which was unfortunate as i had some pot in it at the time which got crushed up. once the elevator got to the bottom floor, which seemed to take forever, we bolted out onto the street and ran around till we reached this graveyard that was in the middle of town for some reason. my friend jumped over the fence into the graveyard, telling me to come in and that it was fun. i walked along the fence for awhile, when this middle aged man came up to me and started telling me that it was ok to go in. i got really scared of the man and ran away (looking extremely paranoid and suspicious i'm sure). my friend came out of the graveyard, and we ran around for awhile (what happened around now is a blank to me). we somehow ended up at a mcdonalds that was open. this was about 2am. my friended needed to take a piss he said so we ran past the ordering counter up the stairs, where french fries started flying at us. we thought we were being attacked by these french fries, so we rain past them up the stairs, and the friends we ditched at the bar where there. they were pissed off about it, but we didnt pay attention to them. we took our friends hamburgers and french fries and started rubbing them in each others hair. we thought it was hilarious. then my trip-buddy's girlfriend called his cellphone. i picked it up, and said hey. she kept asking for my friend, but as we had the same name, i told her it was me. she then asked us if we were high, and i said yes. i then said "would you like to like...maybe...hang out sometime?" and we started cracking up thinking it was funny as hell. she was like sure, meet me down by lex (a disco/club) in a few minutes. so we left mcdonalds and started walking down the road, when this one friend started puking up, which was surprising, because he has such a high tolerance to alcohol. my trip-friend and i continued walking again. i thought my head was melting into my neck for some reason, so i kept on having these neck spasms where my head would keep bending over (i started having neck pains a day after which lasted for three days or so). whenever we talked, our voices would constantly change pitch uncontrollably, so we sounded funny. we finally got to the club, and his gf was waiting there. we started talking to her, and she started rubbing my hair for some reason, telling me that i had nice hair. i loved the feeling of her petting my hair or whatever she was doing, so i asked her to keep on doing it. she got mad at her bf (my trip-buddy) cause he wasnt paying attention to her or being a jerk to her or something, so she got mad and offered to sleep with me or something. my friend didnt seem to care. this other guy started burning the back of my neck with a lighter, though i didnt feel it and only when people told me about it did i turn around and kick the crap out of the guy. another thing about shrooms was it seemed as though i could feel no pain, and that i was invincible and extremely strong, similar to what pcp at low dosages does i guess? me and my friend started slapping each other, not being able to feel it. we hung outside the club for awhile, then got bored and walked off with his gf. by this point we had started to come down, though unlike other drugs (uppers) this comedown was a pretty pleasant comedown. i felt somewhat euphoric actually. we were standing around when some drunk kids started throwing coins at us, looking to start a fight. we didnt notice it at first, but when we did we just walked off. his gf told them off, and they left. when we went back her friends came over, and then some junkies (we could see the track marks) came over and asked us if we had any pot. smooth me took the crushed up pot out of my wallet and held it up in the middle of town in front of who knows how many people. they said there wasnt enough so i put it back in my pocket. we eventually ended up back at the club, and went in. by this point the trip was pretty much over, though pattern type things would swirl around and move still. i was still in somewhat of a daze, so i drank and smoked and looked at the lights and danced somewhat lethargically.
we left at 5am, but even for a few months afterwards if i stared at something pattern-like it would swirl around. it was definitely worth it.

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