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1st time on shrooms

I had an 1/8 of shrooms my friend got from a dealer.

I had an 1/8 of shrooms my friend got from a dealer. The dealer was a bigtime drug dealer who had marijuana and coke and acid and for the first time ever shrooms. I paid $20 and took almost half of them. All I felt was warm and cold flashes a lot, probable from the toxicness. I saved the rest for 2 weeks, because I got a cold and was coughing a lot and didn't want to trip like that. I took the rest of the bag in my room They were mostly stems, some blueish. Within a half hour my friends picked me up and we went to bidwell park. I climbed the mountain and was feeling very strange and I couldn't focus on where I was going. I was just following a path with my friends. We got to a place where these rocks had dripping water off of them. We climbed under the rocks and into this old indian cave type thing under the rock. While I sat here under the rocks I started tripping. The water from the rocks was dripping into these holes in the rocks that was worn by the water over time. I heard strange noises from the dripping water. As I sat under the rocks I thought it was raining. It was a perfectly clear day and was about 75 degrees and bright out. I started to shake a little bit and my pupils got huge. All of a sudden I didn't feel like myself at all. I was thinging about myself, but I didn't think that I was that person at the time. I felt excited and glad to be the person that I am usually. I was thinking about life and it seemed so funny that men would flirt with women, and women accept or reject and all the human mating rituals. It reminded me so much of animals. It isn't a bad thing at all to be an animal. I felt that all of mankind is like animals and I felt they were closer to nature than before I took shrooms. I felt love for all people and joy and spontaneousness. I wanted to live, like a human, an animal, free and spontaneous. I felt like I was on a spiritual journey to examine myself from a different perspective. I felt that I was a legend or that my live was special and unique. I felt that I had a path of my own and that I could do things that people have never done before in life. My friends would talk to me and I heard so much vibrations of sound. It sounded like 10 people saying something at almost the same times and I was hard to tell what they said. My mind and thoughts were the only think I had. They were the only think I could hear clearly. I realized though that my thoughts were warperd and different from normal. If I had a negative thought then I sort of accepted it and thought of something else. I didn't force it out of my mind. I sort of cleared my mind. The thought seemed like it almost blew out of my brain, and I would think something else. I started to feels a little tired and weak. We got in my friends car, I drank some water and went back to my house with the wind blowing on my face. I focused of the wind on my face and the sensations and didn't have many thoughts during that. I got home and sat and watched the simpsons and took my shoes off and relaxed with a cup of water. I started to feels more and more sober very slowly. 3 hours later i was myself again.

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