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Read my mind

It all started when I left my girlfriend for the night, and went over to my best friends house.

It all started when I left my girlfriend for the night, and went over to my best friends house. I got over there and we left to go get pizza. We took a quart of orange juice with us because we wanted to do them on our way back from getting the pizza. We were in the car to go home, and each of us popped in an 1/8. We got back to his house, had a few pieces of pizza and we were hit. The wood grain started swirling around...on a piece of plywood I saw a cartoon of a pilgrim on crutches jumping over a river and many other faces talking to me. After our friend left, it was just me and my best friend (the other one that did shrooms w/ me). We got on the floor and started talking. Then slowly we started feeling really weird...we stared at each other for a good 5 minutes, and neither one of us could swallow (not because we didn't want to, but because we really couldn't). After the 5 minutes passed we started talking about how we couldn't swallow, along with how we both were able to see what each other had been thinking of the whole 5 minutes. A half hour later another thing happened...we started talking again, and looked at each other again for maybe an answer to what had happened earlier...but this time we tried to talk, but no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't speak a word for about 2 minutes. And then to finsish the night off, we put our right hands up to the blinds on the window beacause the moonlight made it look weird, but we weren't ready for what happened next. All of a sudden, a mirage of each others right hand was surrounding our own hands, and whenever we moved a finger, the other finger on the other person would move. My friend made a fist, and my right hand all of a sudden made a fist. I put up my middle finger, and his moved at the same rate, and same movement as mine. To this day, neither of us can explain anything that happened, and why it happened.

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