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Me and the rabbits

The whole day started when I bought some really cheap shrooms, about 30 caps of it.

The whole day started when I bought some really cheap shrooms, about 30 caps of it. I figured the shit would be so fucking weak even though the dealer was bragging about it. Then this dude Bill called me over to some party he was having so i ate some of it and I was on my way. When I got to the party it was off the fucking hook, with strippers and all that shit. I took some ex later that nite, and I got lockjaw so fucking bad so I asked this dude if I could have some of his water. Now normaly this is a bad idea but when i am peaking on ex I trust everyone. That's when it occured to me I still had 25 more caps left, so down the hatch about 7 went. The party was starting to die when all this shit kicked in. The ex, the liquid acid and all the caps i took. The next thing I know i'm lying on a couch and all these fucked green bunnies that looked like carebears with sharp teeth are dancing about declaring me their god. I said I did not deserve this prestigious award but thanks anyway. This seemed to anger them. This is when ther sharp teeth came into play. They all tackled me and were muddering something about crucifing the god who had forsaken them.I could not open my mouth to scream, they would surly crawl inside. Thats when I ran into some backroom to escape the demonic bunnies. Then things went from bad to worse! In this backroom i found a professer with the head of a dog. He had trapped all my friends in a vat of saline and was forcing them to grow liver after liver after liver that's when everything around me started to melt, the saline, the professer with a dog face and the demonic bunnys everything on earth just melted away. The rest is just a haze until I woke up on a bus the next morning, half-naked and with an opened pack of condoms that had not been there the previos night. This just goes to show you, never dissapoint demonic bunnies if they have sharp teeth.

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