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I got a bunch of shrooms from a friend(not sure the exact amount but more than 5g).

I got a bunch of shrooms from a friend(not sure the exact
amount but more than 5g). Im on my way to a party when I
decide to dose so I take out the baggie and begin to eat 'em
up washing them down with Dr Pepper. While Im walking I realize that i have complete control of how I want to trip so I figure I want to hallucinate. Then I decide that patterns and glowing is a good start, moments later I start to see glow streaks as cars pass by.

About half way there I run into a couple of good friends of mine(G and S), who are just driving around killing time before they go drinking. They offer to drive me to the party so ofcourse i agree. The shrooms start too kick in about five minutes later, when were burning, G starts talking to me but I only hear gibberish(kinda like this "Hey dogs front run over black cereal"). So I tell 'em Im tripping to hard to communicate. S says "Rats like cow K?"
So i agree and get out.

After walking about a block or so I arrive a the party and see the friends was gonna meet there(A, J and L) who also took shrooms that night(A-2g, J-2g and L-4g). We all go into the basement where the rest of them people are. Were all just talking about how were going to New York in a few weeks. When I start to hear music(there wasnt any playing yet), I turn to look and realize that a painting on the wall was singing. That startled me so much that this feelng came over me something I cant explain but inside that basement it just wasnt "right". So me L, J and A went outside to the "smoking" section. J pulled out his new four man hooka and we started to burn a couple of bowls aswell as a few blunts.

J wanted to go in but the rest f us didnt. L said there was something about that basement that just wsnt right. I immediatly connected to his brain and for the rest of the night I could hear his thoughts. I then began to drift way from my body when I looked down on the four f us sitting there I realized that even though we were among friends at that party we didnt belong.

I then left and traveled to other slar systems and saw how small we were compared to the rest of the universe. I saw so many different species of life on other worlds it was so overwhelming because i realized how insignifcant we were on a universal scale. Once i realized that I pondered it for a while longer and came to the conclusion that everything around us(laws, moral codes, death, etc...) was nothing at all and so unimportant. I also traveled t Heaven and then I understd that there is as much reason to fear death as there is to fear birth because it is just the next step in your existence.

I began to hear L's thoughts, he wanted to talk to me because he knew I understood what he was going through so returned to my physical body and immediatly exclamed "I have to sneez" we all began hysterical laugh for about ten minutes(Im guessing anyway). We then all mde our way to the front of the house to wait for our ride. But I never made it I stopped at the side of the house to puke and then I looked at my watch, midnight. It had been a solid 7hrs of hard tripping so I figured the drugs had worn of and that I was just insane. But that didnt bother me because I knew that everything was nothing and they'd never know. I puked againt
and began to walk home(dont know why).

G and S were sitting on the porch with a couple f other kids drinking when they saw me and told me that A, L and J had been looking for me for about half an hour and that they left figuring I had gone home with someone else. I told them I was walking home but they convinced me to stay and I spent the rest of the night hooting a bong in the backyard infront of a bonfire.

Thats my first level four and I wouldnt have traded it for anything.

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