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the mall

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it all started when i overly paid for some shrooms i thought
i had been jipped but damn was i wrong my friends and i were
driving to the mall we were gonna take the shrooms when went back to my friends house cause his parents don't care but of course they tried to make me take them right then and so i stupidly did it ended up being the largest dose i have ever had about 14 grams we then got to the mall i started to feel the sensation when we wlaked into the mall it was like any normal trip i've had at first then i started to get weird as i was walking in the halls of the mall the peoples faces started to looks really weird like they were physically deformed then they all started looking at me weird as if they knew i was druged up even the mall security did so i started to get scared me and my 2 accompises then met up with 2 girls that we knew they found out i was trippin and started asking me questions about how intense it was they really started to scare me when they asked me a question, i din't answer, and they acted all worried about me asking my friends if i would be ok during that time i was totally in 2 different worlds then my mom called me on my cell phone i had my friend answer it and then he handed it to me with a worried look i got really terrified i barely talked told her where i was and what i was going to do that night then hung up she didn'y say anything that worried me and i felt all better then i went back into my own 2 worlds reality and everything that wasn't real i began to feel as if i was floating but i noticed during all my minds cammotion i walked with my friends wherever they went and just stayed really quiet the mall was about to close and we were heading to the car when i saw me girlfriend she doesn't like it at all when i do drugs and i got nervous then i though to my self that nothing matters cause life is great when nothings real my friend covered for me and said that we were playing a silly game to see how long i could stay quiet and that worked out well cause i couldn't speak even when i tried i just smiled and watched as her face deformed into different figures w decided that we were gonna call my friends mom that we were staying at the other friend said that he wanted to just go home and go to sleep i was coming down a little until his mom picked us up i smoked a cigarette in the car and droped it on my lap when she headed onto the freeway i picked it up and threw it out i began to hide then i had a sudden feeling that i was in a cop car going to the police station but then my friends mom asked him what i was on and when he told her she just said to have fun i then found myself looking out the window and watching the lights go by faster than ever as if i was going a million miles/hr it was really crazy everything turned into a blur and i went into a crazy mind losing experience i forgot what was going on where i was going and what i was on and why everything was so unfamiliar then suddenly popped back into reality again remembering everything we got bakc to his house around 10:00pm he took his shrooms and he started to trip a little after but he didn't take half as much as i did for the rest of the night we each put on headphones and wondered around his neighborhood until about 4:00am when we both were just about back from the trip we went inside and went to sleep
just a tip: don't to the mall on an unfamiliar dose of shrooms and expect everythinhg to be perfectly fine ecspecially when your 14

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