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The 4th Dimension

I did shrooms for the first time last night.

I did shrooms for the first time last night. I have to say that it was the most highly enlightening and honest experience I have ever gone through, even though the night had a bitter sweet ending. Anyway, here is a rundown of the evening.

4 PM Plank (my friend) and I smoke weed, in preparation for the shrooms, we didn't want to be high when we took the shrooms, so we waited like 4 hours before we took them.

8 PM We take the shrooms. We eat roughly 3 grams each, and
almost immediately i start to feel really funny. It's like there are butterflies in my stomach, and all I want to do is laugh. Plank's stomach starts to hurt, he says he feels really weird too. We turn the lights off and both lay down on a couch to try and ease our stomachs. As we lay downs, I can feel this uncontrollable laughter building up inside me, so I laugh. Plank asks me why i am laughing, and i answer that I have no damn clue why i am laughing. I eventually start looking at this poster on the wall of Sean Connery as James Bond in 007, he is holding a gun, and smiling his sly Sean Connery smile. Suddenly, the background of the poster disappears against the white wall, and it appears that Sean Connery is painted on the wall. Then he moves, at first I decide I am just seeing things, but then I realize that I REALLY AM SEEING THINGS. I tell Plank to look at the poster, and he sees the same thing! SEAN CONNERY IS MOVING AT US!!!! Obviously I begin to realize that the shrooms have kicked in, and I also realize that there is an element of fear in my brain. I dont know why, but it's there. Remembering what I have heard about shrooms, I remind myself not to be scared, to just go with it. I close my eyes, and what I see is amazing, there is this pattern, painted with red lines, and it is changing, first I see a birdman, then two guys sitting across a table from one another, they both look at me, and then it appears as if they are trying to talk to me. This kind of freaks me out, so I try to think of something else. I stay on the couch for approximately another hour, just staring at the posters and grooving with my imagination.

10 PM I am growing incredibly happy. All I want to do is talk to someone. THe entire world is changing from minute to minute, and I am having incredibly profound thoughts about life. Plank and I begin talking about life, and trying to relate it to things such as science and mathematics. I come to the conclusion that "in a purely mathematical world, the X-Y-Z plane lacks the flexibility to define what I feel like right now", I try to think about how it could be possible to define things like emotion, mathematically, don't ask me how, but it seemed very possible at the time. All the while the world is an array of colors and changes. I decide that there needs to be an extra line, one to add another dimension to our 3 dimensional world, and then Plank says, "the 4th dimension". And I agree. We silently ponder our conclusions for about an hour, and then I make another amazing "discovery". I decide that we are in the 4th dimension. We are some place where we have never been. Plank agrees, he says it makes perfect sense. It is around the time of this discovery that Plank begins to change. He suddenly becomes really tired, and all he wants to do is go to bed. I have already tried sleeping, it's not possible, and I tell him so. But in his stubbornness he decides to try it, with the same results. He says he just wants to lie down in his bed, so I say OK, and I go to my own room and call one of my friends to invite her over (IM A MALE BY THE WAY). She is fighting with her boyfriend, so it will be a while before she comes over. I am all alone in my room for a while. I am absolutely glowing at this point. My entire world is crazy. I have one undesirable need at this stage, knowledge. I want to learn everything, become as knowledgeable as possible. I see myself not as a person, but as a light in the universe, on a rock floating around the sun. I need to talk to someone, anyone. I need to tell them how I feel right now. Eventually I have to go to the bathroom, so I venture out into the hall, and I SEE PLANK IN HIS UNDERWEAR, LOCKED OUT OF HIS ROOM. I go to the bathroom, where I splash some water on my face and hair. I have a revelation in the bathroom about my hair. I think of the phrase "whatever blows your hair back". WELL, MY HAIR IS DEFINITELY BLOWN BACK so I comb my hair back, which is weird because I normally dont do it like that. I go back out into the hall, and Plank is still in his underwear. What is funny about this, is I told him 20 times not to lock his door, but he didnt listen. I tell him to get his ass out of the hallway, but he doesn't listen, he is really fucked up. He says to me, "it's this 4th dimension i'm in right now, it's so different", it is then that I realize Plank has turned into a different person. I get some pants on the kid, and try talking to him, but he is all angry. It is as if he has forgotten all rules of the world we live in. He wants to go take a shit in the laundry room. I tell him he can't do that. He says fuck everyone, he can do whatever he wants. And he leaves. I dont know if he took a shit in the laundry room or not, and frankly I dont want to. But that would not be the end of the adventure. Plank shows up again about a half hour later, and he is really tripping pretty hard, acting very weird. I tell him to chill out, to just enjoy it, but he can't. He goes to the bathroom, get out some garbage bags, comes back and throws them at me, by this time, my friend calls and wants to come up, so I let her in. Plank becomes very threatened by her presence, and starts being really mean to her. By this time, I am sick of Plank, so I throw him out of my room. I tell him I'll talk to him in the morning. I start to talk to my friend and tell her about what I feel like at that time. My stomach is a volcano of activity, it feels like there is a Trojan army marching through it. I smoke with her, and we lay down and watch a movie. Soon I hear a knock at the door. It's Plank. HE'S SMOKING WEED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING HALLWAY, he's gonna get us in trouble, so I let him in. I tell him he has to go to his room but he won't, he is really pissing me off now. Soon I hear another knock on the door, it's the RA's and some higher authority, MY MIND FUCKING FREEZES. What the fuck am I supposed to do? They are looking for Plank, apparently he scared up every RA in the whole damn dorm because he really has no clue what is going on right now. They take him away, and I realize I need to come down. Ive heard that weed makes you come down, so I try smoking some more weed. Doesn't work. ANyway, the rest of the night was pretty uneventful after that, just me watching a movie and trying to sleep. SO THAT WAS MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH SHROOMS. I have to say, that was one of the more amazing nights of my life. There are so many intricate details that I couldn't possibly write them all down here. Thanks for reading!!

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