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dancing green fish

The first time i shroomed was june 2000.

The first time i shroomed was june 2000. id wanted to try it for awile, but everything kept falling through. Now im happy because my first time was so amazingly perfect, nothing could have compared to it.
My friends mom was going out of town for the weekend, so we decided to try shrooms after school on friday. A quick call to jamie's (my friend's) boyfriend, and we were all set. We we took close to 2 dried grams each while sitting around her kitchen table, mine with coke, hers with skittles.Her boyfriend ate his straight. Anyways,after that we headed downstairs to watch some tv and wait for it to kick in. i was a little nervose, but that quickly past. it was about 70 minutes later i started to trip. we were all sitting watching some shit- dawsons creek i think- and i realized my arms were twitching, so i started to laugh. By now they were messed too so all they could to was stare. I started to shake..it was like a hugh ball of energy was in me and i had to keep moving. i ran to the bathroom and looked at the walls. OHhh my god the fish...they were dancing, join us they called... i kept laughing and suddenly i was back downstairs. i managed to find these wicked 3d glasses and put them on. smiling i did a little dance..and found my whole meaning. dont ask me why or how i found this, it was just so clear. MAYBE HEAVEN IS JUST A cOLLECTION OF ALL YOUR BEST MEMORIES.IF YOU WASTE YOUR LIFE, MAYBE HELL IS JUST BEING FOcRED TO RELIVE THE TERRIBLE THINGS ALWAYS. this thought came in a second, but when i came back to reality, my friends were smiling and said i was mumbling about heaven and hell for twenty minutes in a squeakey voice. i was still tripping hard and i wanted to leave the house. At that moment another friend called, so we went to pick her up. The car ride was a big blur, but i do rememmber screaming "watch out for those trick-or-treaters!!" and lots of laughter. it wasnt halloween and the roads were deserted.
when we got back , we were still buzzing but it was like the fifth hour and we were comming down. Id heard somewhere that weed prolongues the effect, so we smoked 2 more grams of weed. the high came back, but so did the munchies. when we smoked again a bit later, the entire high was just weed.
my whole view on life changed that night. just waking up is so amazing and things never quite look the same. my heaven theory is still with me...and im still saving up those memories.

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