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Cottage Shrooming

I picked up my friends late friday afternoon and we drove 3 and a half hours north to my friend R's cottage.

I picked up my friends late friday afternoon and we drove 3 and a half hours north to my friend R's cottage. This place is in the middle of nowhere in Canada, absolutley removed from the distractions of society. We spent a day hiking around the forests and getting baked. The next day we built an extemely large snow shelter for use later that night. After a nice dinner and a huge session it was getting pretty dark out so we whipped out our shrooms and munched them down. After about half an hour we were feeling them and both getting strong visuals. We had eaten about 2.5 grams inside the cottage and took the rest with us to the snow hut. The hut was extremley dark, so we had to use a flashlight to see. We realize there is only seats for 2 people to sit down because R forgot to bring and extra seat to sit on so we ate the rest of the shrooms and he headed back alone with his walkman listening to acid techno. When me and the other guy K, who was only smoking weed that night, were left alone in the pitch dark, things started to get really interesting. Without anything to ground me, nothing to look at, the only sound being the rushing wind outside, my shrooms took hold of me rather strongly. I started actually believing that i was a native american hunter waiting for my tribesman to return with food. When R was coming back through the woods the flashlight was flash in stacado bursts through the trees, which created alot of strange hallucinations inside the hut.
R got back inside and sat on his seat, returning the flashlight to its cubby hole in the wall. Now that i could see my surroundings i realized my open eye visuals were getting more and more intense. The snow was twisting and melting away and warping at an extremley fast rate of speed.
Faces poked out and submerged again everywhere. This continued getting more and more intense and suddenly i felt a buzzing in my body stronger than i am used to from mushrooms. It felt like fire on my skin. Accompanying this sensation everything in my feild of visual exploded into multiple images of itself. The muliple being larger than the original, and some really strange noises. The most noticable of which was a high pitched hum that was increasing in intensity. But then i was brought down by nausea and the fact that it was difficult to breath and i was sweating profusly. R commented i looked like i was dying. I was burning up so i took off my coat and let the cold spring air cool me down. I felt my consiousness expanding into a new mode of thinking. It became hard to comunicate. It leveled off at that though and we soon went back to the cottage to warm up after I could find my legs again. The walk back in complete darkness was interesting, my visuals consisted of multicoloured strips of morphing symbols that appeared Mayan in nature. The cottage was warm and it felt good to be inside. Everything in the cottage was moving, and the roof was melting. We then decided it was time for our old friend nitrous oxide. I loaded up a balloon and sat cross legged on the floor. As a took the nitrous i felt myself go completley numb to my body. I became engrosed in a trance state almost instantley. I found myself sitting cross legged in sand, looking straight at some sort of old temple. Reality began to return as the whippit wore off, but now my visuals were even more intense. Everything was flowing in synchronization with the music. We were listening to KoxBox (psytrance), and i was once again amazed by every second of it. The music was affecting what i saw and felt to a degree i've never experienced before. It was amazing. We made some finger hash from some THC crystals we had collected earlier out of our coffee grinder that we use to break up buds. I did a BT of that and it mellowed out the body buzz a bit. THC always changes my visuals for the better.
Later we decided to walk out on the ice and smoke a joint on the lake. We took in the absolute beauty of the sky. The stars were brilliant and the Northern lights were doing their thing. It was amazing. We layed on the ice completley absorbed by the cosmos. Our trips took on a very spiritual nature from that point on. I had a sense of oneness with everything. I felt at peace. I realized alot of things about myself that i wouldn't have confronted before. The trip left me with a sense of well being that i have been missing for a long while. Trip safley.

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