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This is a report of my first shroom trip.

This is a report of my first shroom trip. It was in the summer of 99'.

Ok so this is how it went, my brother knew this kid at his work who delt shrooms. So one night me, my cousin, nate and Rich all decided to hit this kid up to see what all the hype was about. We purchases three 1/8ths of shrooms. It was to be split 4 ways, but my cousin ended up not wanting to try it, he only wanted to 'observe' this time. and rich was only willing to eat a half of an 1/8th. So that left me and nate with 2 1/2 eighths to split.

We both ate an eighth a piece around 7 oclock that night, just chilling out watching tv and playing some music. 1 hour went by, nothing exciting going on. no hands coming out of the wall. nothing. another half hour went by and we decided that we would just chomp the rest. and still we waited... Finally around 9 oclock we decided that these shrooms were bunk.. Everyone hoped into the rodeo and we were off to the kids work where we bought them. driving along, driving along..... finally we get there. [oh and by the way this kid worked at good old WalMart!] Well it was like Walmart was the thing that we needed because as soon as i walked in it was like magic, everything had a greenish yellow tint to it and it was like i was in another world.. [Wally World].

That was only the start. after walking around walmart for a bit and we talked to the kid and told him the story, he got a kick out of it because he was like 'How much did you eat?!?! oh shit you guys are in for a fucking ride' ... and boy was he right. After leaving walmart everything got fuzzy. I don't remember much of the night, I remember going to a gas station and there was a car already getting gas and my cousin had me convinced that they were part of a ruthless gang that was out to kill us. and thats when the 'Whhhaaaattt?' started. thats all i could muster out of my vocabulary.. Everytime anything happened i gave them the same response...

The part of the night that fucked with my mind the most was, Rich [1/2 eight] was driving us around showing us all these cool back roads in his town decided to have a little fun. He showed us this road that he promised would scare the shit out of us. So here we go, it was an old dirt road, trees on either side, nothing but a straight line pretty much for about 2 solid miles nothing, just straight driving. and then BOOM! like a hammer to the head the road came to a sudden end. it wasn't like a cliff or anything, just nothing. the road led to absolutely nowhere, and that gave me the most complete mind fuck of my life. I spent the whole rest of my trip contemplating on reasons for why that road was there. Aliens is what i thought at the time, but who knows.. I would like to go back down that road straight sometime to see what its all about... or even if there really is a road like that ;-) .

So yeah that was my first shroom trip. A little too powerful for me, but it was fun none the less. Since ive been alot smarter with my drug taking. Well if you read this thank you. any questions/comments can be sent to ItriedtogroW@aol.com

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