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The Best Trip

My best trip ever happened about three years ago at a school dance.

My best trip ever happened about three years ago at a school dance. My friend and me decided we should chew for the dance. It was the first time that I would be chewing more than 1 gram of shrooms. So my friend and me took 2g each. I was on the dance floor dancing my heart out, and yet the shrooms had yet to kick in. I was starting to get really pissed off on the fact that I wasted my money on these crap shrooms.

About 2 hours after I took them I was out in the hall taking to another friend who also took them. That's finally when they started to hit. I can remember seeing the pupile of his eyes getting really big then really small. We went back to the dance floor and a little while after that I had to use the bathroom. As soon as I got to the doors to go down the hall I started tripping really hard. All the lockers on both sides of the wall we flying at me, and to make matters worse, one of my teachers was standing at the end of hall. While I was talking to him, his face was turned into a clown's head, and then into another teaches' head. So I took off halfway into the conversation that we were having. Once I got into the bathroom I thought the hard tripping would soon be over; I thought wrong. I saw one of my friends in there sitting on the floor. As I went over to talk to her her face turned into 6 of my other friend's faces. I freaked because I had no idea of who I was talking to. So I left the bathroom and tried to make it back to the dance floor trying to get by the cops while the lockers were still flying out at me.

Once i got in there I started dancing to the beat again. All of a sudden my friends' face turned into a computer screen, and the music started to go all slow. You know, it started to make the sound that your walkman makes when the batters are getting low. So I was standing there trying to dance to the beat without looking like a heatbag. After that I started coming down a bit. When I got home I was still tripping out a bit, but not that much. I then decided to go to bed. Once I was in bed and was trying to fall asleep I started hearing all this crazy stuff. I heard a little girl crying, then I heard a whole bunch off people talking at once, then I heard classical music playing loud, then soft, then loud all at once. I thought I was going nuts. I finally got to sleep, thank god. This was the best trip I ever had on shrooms!

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