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Liberty Caps Solo

It`s been about a month since I tripped.

It`s been about a month since I tripped. To begin the day I lazily got out of bed and made my wife breakfast since she was going to have a long day and I was going to be shrooming. While she was eating eggs and bacon, I had a bannana and an apple. After my wife had left, I proceeded to take out the broom and start cleaning. After that I washed the dishes. We live in a 3 room basement suite (not counting the bathroom) with the bedroom completely submerged. With the bedroom door closed, there is not external light. We had just moved in about 1/2 a month ago and had not completely settled in. There weren`t many boxes or such, but we did not have a tv or couches in our den. Needless to say, I started out in the den on the computer. At about 12:35 I started to injest 1/8 oz of liberty caps in OJ. Suddenly I remembered that I had not started Bill Hicks as I normally do. I turned on the cd player on my computer and began listening to the cd Relentless. I have yet to shroom and not listen to Bill Hicks. He always seems to put me in a good mood for the things to come. At about 12:45 I was finished drinking the OJ and shrooms. I sat there listening to Hicks laughing and relaxing, feeling good about cleaning earlier. At about 12:56 I noticed some mild effects starting, the wood on the computer desk moving slightly and the carpet becoming somewhat wavy. I decided to start surfing around the web, looking at some cool links I`d found (this is a nice advantage to having a DSL internet connection). Some of the pages I`d found seemed to be too much for me at the time, so I turned off the monitor of the computer and just listened to Hicks. About 10 minutes later the effects seemed to lessen, but I felt noticably colder (and my nose started running... always happens and it`s a pisser). Suddenly I wished I had something to smoke, cigarette, marijuana, whatever (hadn`t smoked anything in 3 monthes... not sure why there was such an intense craving right then). I got up and wandered aimlessly around my house. As I entered the bathroom(about 1:20) with the decision that I should urinate before it got much more intense. While in the bathroom, I noticed the tile seemed to posses Aztec like art with each tile`s art shifting slowly into some other form, possibly cachino doll faces (spelling and I realize that cachino`s aren`t Aztec). I was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to take a shower, since I hadn`t done this today I decided it`d be fun. I turned the water on, probably luke warm. As I looked up, I became entranced by a rainbow mixed into the water just below the shower head. This is not the first time I`d seen this type of rainbow. Heavily colored toward the red, orange, and yellow; although the other colors were faintly visible(unlike my first rainbow which was much clearer). I had decided to close my eyes and soak before I started to wash. After a little bit of soaking, I no longer wanted to be in the water and grabed a towel. I did a half assed job of drying off and put on my clothes. Next I went into my bedroom, turned on a black light, started to burn some incense (sandlewood) and pressed play on the cd player. The first disc was Phish`s Hampton Comes Alive 11-21-98 Disc 3. I decided that since this was my favorite set of the two complete sets in the album, I would listen to this one (just a side note, that concert kicked ass and I`m so glad I got to see it live and then they released it on cd). I crawled into my bed as the music started. I closed my eyes and slowly melted into the bed. As the cd progressed I would occasionally open my eyes to glimpse the world. Each time the cover seemed to have crept higher until I could no longer see anything. I had curled into a fettle like position as I had slowly washed away any idea of existing. I reached an epiphany that I immediately forgot and looked at the clock (2:09). I fell back into the same position and started thinking about where I belong in the world. I had only been about 2 monthes and decided to reflect on this. While I had known the girl I married for almost 7 years, I hadn`t really thought about our marriage as much as I`d have liked since we'd both been busy. At this point I longed for her to be there, although I`m glad she wasn`t since she doesn`t see any point in psychedelics. I also thought about other things that go along with moving on in one's life. About kids, nature, my parents, government... all sorts of things. As the cd came to an end, I realized that I had boundless energy and wanted something to do. I honestly wish I`d have planned something more concrete to do at this point, such as write, paint, etc. Although I had prepared an orange and some grapes. As I opened the bag, the overwhelming smell of orange created a ravenous feeling inside. My bathroom is off my kitchen and there are several full length mirrors in my kitchen. I ate the orange slices and looked at myself. All the while DJ Mark Farina`s Mushroom Jazz Vol 2 was echoing out of my bedroom. At this time while looking in the mirror, I tried to control how my face could appear (I`d done this before on acid). I had little luck with controling how, although I had great success at when it would change. I danced and laugh, joyous that I was all alone in my residence and with the knowledge that no one else was around either. The built up energy slowly subsided and I went back into the bedroom and examined my black light poster and my Rift poster (larger version of the cover from Phish's Rift). Both seemed to eminate a beauty that I had once missed. Once again I looked at my bed and missed my wife; however, I now decided it was best she was not here and laid down. I started to hear noises that didn`t seem to be coming from my cd player and turned the volume down. I went and found a clock and noticed that it was now ~3:45, when the upstairs neighbors get in. I decided to turn off the music. Since I was mostly down from the trip, I went and surfed the internet. I also turned on the radio in the other room. Slowly things seemed to return 100% to normal. About a half hour later, I called a friend and asked if he could come pick me up. He agreed and I went over to his place to watch The Simpsons (best tv show ever in my opinion). I told him all about the trip while we watched. There was still slight visual peculiarities until ~5:00 that night and my nose didn't stop running until ~5:30. I got home at about 7 and began cooking dinner. Since all I`d had all day was an orange, an apple, some grapes, and a bannana, I snacked on some plain saltine type crackers until my wife got home and we ate dinner. All in all it was a wonderful experience. I was fairly impressed with the number of visuals I got, even though there weren't a lot. I`ve only had a lot of visuals two other times: the first time I tripped which was on 5 hits of decent acid and the first time I shroomed by myself on 1/8 of unknown type. For the most part I don`t seem to get many visuals. Hope y`all enjoyed.

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