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We had eagerly waited all week and were charged with anticipation, it was finally time to do our first serious dose and launch our minds into cubensis paradise.

We had eagerly waited all week and were charged with anticipation, it was finally time to do our first serious dose and launch our minds into cubensis paradise. Little did we realize the magnitude this trip was going to be and never excpected that such a small palmfull of fungus could have such an imact on our physical and mental well being.I picked up my partner on a warm friday afternoon at his appartment on the other side of the city, he asked me to help him with some of the things we were going to bring to my cabin so i followed him inside his pad. Immediatly i noticed the impecible taste of the furniture, paintings, and various statues and sculptures that filled the room. This was not in character of my new found friend and my suspicions were confirmed when he replied to my complement that his wife had chosen and organized the entire place. After loading me up we walked to my truck and filled the backseat with music, food and beer, then he told me to follow him in his wifes car to her work to drop it off for her. As we pulled up to the rear of the hair salon a wave of anxiety rolled through me for one of the girls working inside was to be introduced to me, she was single as was i but i did not feel like having an awkward situation just hours before dosing so staying inside of my truck was the best way to avoid this. Moments after entering the rear of the building my friend came back out, and his wife followed right behind, this was the first time i had a look at her and strained to get a glimpse of her face and body as they talked beside her car. Pointing towards my truck he said something to her and they began making theyre way towards me, immediatly i twisted the rearview mirror to fix my hair and quickly reset it. When they got to my passenger side window he said D , this is my wife S, and said its nice to meet you and extended my hand out to her, she leaned inside to greet me and our hands and eyes met. She was utterly stunning, beautifull blue eyes, nice puffy pink lips and perfectly striaght white teeth. I wanted to pull her into me and start kissing her when her soft voice broke my train of erotic thought, and its nice to meet you to and pulled back out, leaving only her sweet smell lingering inside to mess me up further. I then heard a voice from behind them that caused my friend and his wife to turn around and there she was, framed in the doorway with all the angelic radiance nature could muster was the girl i was supposed to meet, my friend looked at me and raised his eyebrows while widening his eyes and made a devilish smile. She waved to me and i waved back, thankfully not coming over as she seemed as shy as me. As M kissed his wife goodbye i was able to get a good look at the gorgeous spectacle in the doorway, i could not believe a girl of such beauty could be single and a wave of strange feelings began to make my palms sweat and my heart race, while my mind envisioned holding hands with this blonde knockout while all the other boys drooled and i smiled with content. As M got in and we began driving away i giggled and yelled what a fox! and he started laughing, saying i told you she was hot.As we began to leave the city limits behind us the air around the interior was charged with excitement, we rambled on about how long we had waited for this and how we had no idea what to expect. Soon we pulled up to the final road and were shocked to see my parents car parked in the adjacent feild, i said to M my parents are here and he responded with a disgusted , no way! they wont be here long i replied, so just say hello and relax. After talking and unloading, my parents were on the way home and we began to set things up. We picked a spot under some jackpines where there was a large parklike area right in the middle, the music box and 12 volt car battery were set bhind us, and the fire pit was set at our feet which we promptly lighted and built a pile of split logs to our left. Now it was time to go inside the cabin and devide up the treasure. We had in our posession one whole ounce of dried Psilocybe cubensis that was split up onto two plates and about 6 grams were left aside for a redose. This left us with about 11 grams each to consume, which was at least three times more than either of us had ever dosed on before. After the dividing of the shrooms M and i walked around the property to soak up nature and put our minds at ease. As we sat on the damp grass staring across the feild we were quiet, pondering the evening ahead and hoping for a good quality trip. The wind was starting to pick up a little now and sent shivers down my back as the nights in early april here in canada can get down to as low as 2 degrees celsius (shudder). As the sun was starting to set we made our way back to the cabin and sat down, looking at the platefull of adventure in front of us. M began greedily half chewing and swallowing his share immediatly, where as i opted to chew each mouthfull to a fine pulp, swallowing the saliva saturated paste slowly and evenly, which put me five minutes behind M after the final swallow. Now we each grabbed a beer and sat by the fire to wait.Only about fifteen minutes had passed and M portrayed some mild giddiness already, he said reality was not feeling the same and things were starting to look brighter. After another fifteen minutes my guts were roiling and a slight nauseating feeling was becomeing apparent but i knew this was temporary and began relaying my current state to M , who was now startng to look around at the trees with childlike amazement. He said it was starting to look like a jungle around us, that everything was starting to look like lush rain forrest and began laughing. At this point i also began seeing strange things, the trunks of the trees were beggining to move from side to side and i also began to laugh out loud, M yelled, this is fucking awesome and we slapped eachother five and stood up. Immediatly he went to get a disc to play and i looked up to the sky that was now beginning to cloud over with a dark cold looking blanket, a foreshadowing of what was to come perhaps. Ozzys no more tears was inserted and i pressed play, sat down and took a huge swig of water, M cracked his fourth beer and we began to soak up the tunes and strengthening effects of the shrooms. After another fifteen had passed i began to feel strong waves of pleasure coming over me, i got back up and threw my arms in the air , then i started pacing frantically with excitement as each wave grew with intensity, stronger and stronger it came on until my vision started to blur slightly and my eyes began to water, this concerned me slightly and i asked M if he felt the same thing, he just looked at me and said holy shit, this is fucked up! and just stood there smiling, this was to be the last coherent thing M would say for the rest of the night.It was pitch black outside now and things were starting to take on a very unfamiliar apearance, i began hugging trees and pushing my fingers into the cold wet ground mumbleing to myself that i never seem to appreciate the little things anymore, i looked up at M who had his back to me staring at the speakers smiling and not moving, then i remembered the glowsticks i had bought earlier in the day and eagerly ran back to the cabin to retrieve them. As i fumbled around in the bag Ms wife popped into my mind, her lovely smell and look were mentally regurgitated and waves of exctacy sent me to my knees, i sat on the floor in the totally dark cabin and the images of the two girls flowed through my mind, i wanted to have erotic sex with them right then and there and grabbed my groin closing my eyes as the stimulation was almost to much to bare. No wonder this guy is so happy at work i thought, surrounded by all this beauty. I then opened my eyes and remembered the glowsticks, i stood up , more comletely euphoric than ever, i opened the cabin door and leaped of of the stairs, bouncing and prancing all the way back to my immobilized partner who turned slowly and looked at me smiling. I began to open the glowsticks and held one up to Ms face, i bent it and cracked the glass inside which sparked the chemical reaction and lit up Ms face with an eerie bright green glow, this made him smile like a child and i waved it in front of his face as his eyes followed it until i placed it into his hand and said this ones yours, then i cracked mine and held it up to my eyes. This seemed to transport me into another dimension and i pulled it away from my face immediatlty , when i looked back up M was chewing on his glowstick like a peice of jerky so i grabbed it from his hand and he snarled at me like a dog, i told him not to chew on it, scolding him like a child, i then grabbed a beer from the cooler and placed it into his hand , he looked at it blankly so i opened it for him and dropped my glowstick, as i bent over to pick it up i heard what sounded like digital rain hitting the ground, i looked back up and seen that he had spilled the entire beer on his face and jacket and began chewing on the can! i took the can from him and sat him down by the fire, which seemed to keep him entertained and i began to dance around to the glorious sounding music. The shrooms were kicking in strong now, and i had to sit down , i picked up both glowsticks and started airdrumming to the tunes, leaving tracers and rainbow like spectral trails everywhere. This is when i stopped drumming and stared at the ground, the buzz was making me tired and dizzy and i began to feel sick, i truly felt like purging and told M that i had to go lie down on the grass, when i looked at his face he looked terrified and ill, it was then i realized we had done too much, i got up and staggered to a rock where i fell backward and laid on my back. The fact that i did too much and that i was not having fun anymore sent me into a high velocity downward spiral into ultimate depression, i began to feel the most emty and lonely feeling i had ever felt in my entire life, nothing felt comfortable, not even the thought of my mother could ease my pain and spent the rest of my trip whimpering to myself as m was talking to himself, rocking back and forth in his chair. The rest of the night is choppy and i am unable to discuss some of the horror M and i both experienced. One of the last things i remember is staring into my glowstick and seeing tiny starlike structures and jets of green interstellar gas being ejected from tiny points of light within, also when i closed my eyes to sleep i envisioned an alien solar system in which i physically was one of the planets and the central blue star would emit a type of frequency that passed straight through me and would reverberate in my brain and out to the only other planet in the system, M perhaps. Most of the trip simply defies description, so much thinking at such an extreme level left me with a migraine type headache and a feeling of being poisoned physically and mentally. The next morning we woke up inside the cabin, cold and muddy M sat up and said never again, he seemed genuinly disturbed by the entire ordeal and seemed reluctant to even dicuss the trip, i did not blame him. We then quietly cleaned up the mess, loaded up and headed home. The next time i trip it will be with my regular 3 grams, i never ever want to excperience some of the feelings i had that night, a new apreciation of reality is what i gained from this trek, along with a deep respect for the sacred mushroom... take care and dose moderately.

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