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Shroomin n' Schoolin

Hey how's it goin, thanks for taking the time to read about my encounter with the sacred mushroom.

Hey how's it goin, thanks for taking the time to read about my encounter with the sacred mushroom.
Before I start here is my school schedule, so you won't get lost during the story.
1st period

Ok, sorry bout that..

Me and 2 of my friend all pitched in the day before and purchased 9 grams of p. cubes...we split them up with a scale at home the first day; 3 grams each.
the night before we all grinded them up and mixed it with orange juice, put them in a big water bottle, and put them in the fridge...The next morning we all call each other up before school to verifry our plans for the day. we were gonna ditch 1st, and go smoke out in the college near by. then go back for homeroom (if you're absent for homeroom they call your house), and 2nd period, and drink the goods at brunch. (we're all expirienced trippers, so taking shrooms at school, was as easy as doing them anywhere else).
Anyways we meet up at brunch and go up to the bleachers around the football field. We spark up 2 j's and drink our bottles...we were done with the juice in about 15 minutes..(brunch is 20) so we decide to chill up there in the bleachers for 3rd period....about 20 minutes into 3rd period, i look at the football field below us, and the grass was spinning in spirals all around the field...it looked very alive. My friends were still not feeling it. we decide to walk over to the student store and pick up some food, cus we were all stoned off that good chronic we smoked. On the way over there everything looked so vibrant, crisp, and alive. Everything was moving, walls were breathing..i loved it...we bought 3 bags of chips, a bunch of candy, and some dr.pepper. We walked over to the 3 benches on one side of the quad, and chilled there. The day was perfect, there was a heavy overcast and it was lightly drizzling; perfect day for tripping. I looked at the clouds and they were all outlined in a beautiful shade of green, and were moving really fast and crating new shapes each time. I was really feeling it now. My friends were also starting to trip out; I saw the look on my friend's face as he listened to his headphones, and his pupils were very dialated. I said to him "What's up man, you feelin it yet?"
He replies with "hell yah man,this is like a dream"
"sweet man, how bout you tony?"
He was slow to respond but once he heard me he said to me "I've been feeling it since we bought the food.".
By now I was totally far into my trip. I lied down on the bench to listen to the sound of the trees rustling, and feel the euphoric sensation of the drizzle falling against my face. I can honestly say I've never felt that at ease and relaxed before. Until a campus security officer comes up to us and says "Where are you all supposed to be?" my friend's and I were totally caught off gaurd, and didn't know what to say. So I just come out with "We came to school late, we're just waiting for 4th period to start, cus 3rd's almost over and our teachers wouldn't let us in.".
It came naturally cus i've used that excuse so many times. And once again it succeeded in fooling the brainless security gaurds of our school. He left us alone, and we chilled and tripped for another 10 minutes. Then 4th period came, and we all had the same class...I was feeling like I needed to talk to a sober person, to see how things are down below. So we all headed over to 4th period, our art class. still tripping hard. BONUS! we have a sub! this made us all happy. when we came into the classroom my friends T and J went their own way to work on their project. I went and sat next to this girl C who is also one of my favorite smoking partners. She was stoned, and she knew right away i was tripping. we had an excellent conversation, and I for the first time felt like i really knew her. She looked so beautiful, I just wanted to kiss her. me and her have been on the verge of hooking up for a few weeks, but have known each other since we were in 6th grade (we're now 11th grade). Me and her decide to leave to my house after fourth. I say by to my fellow trippers that I had to go, and they understood why. I got her to drive. The drive was so amazing. It felt as if I was going 1000 miles an hour, and everything was flying by so fast, but yet i could see everything perfectly clear. I felt so great and full of energy. We pulled up to my house, and went to the back porch and sat down on my swinging bench. she put her head on my shoulder, and we had a really in-depth conversation, and our future plans;we smoked; we kissed. I felt a really intimate connection with her, like i've never felt with any other. I look back on that day as the day I realized what a true privelage it is to be alive, and expirience all the good things in life. Of all my trips this trip was the most happy trip i've had. nothing went wrong.
Keep shroomin ppl.

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