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Forested Adventure

It was the best time of the year.

It was the best time of the year. The holiday every teenager in the free world looks forward to. May long, a time for friends, alcohol, drugs, music and fun. It was the friday @ 10 am when i left my school (cutting classes was worth it) and started my drive with 3 of my friends 30 minutes to the hills. We are lucky enough in this area of the praire to have some hills with pine trees. We got to the site where i (well my boyfriend and i decided) would be cool. I sat down and had a few drinks. Once i was tipsy enough my best guy pal (who happens to be my dealer) pulls out a kilo of Shrooms. This mush was beautiful! All purple and blue. It was the first time i've seen such good sized caps in my life. He divided the mush up between 6 of us. We all took an 8th's worth and munched them down. I wasn't feeling much of ne thing until i noticed my watch and that i had been staring at the fire for 20 minutes. I remind you by this time it was about 6 pm and all the other teenagers had started arriving. I was seeing all sorts of colours and I couldn't focus on ne thing. I had to go to the bathroom, so i took my drunk friend Tara (with whom i HATE now). I could have swore on my life that i wasn't walking and i'd stopped, but i guess i was walking. Just walking was trippy. I thought the road was moving, and that i was standing still. On our journey back from the outhouses. Ne thing white or lightcolored started giving off an eerie glow (like glow in the dark stars). Started seeing gnomes in the woods watching me from behind trees(fact: I'm terrified of those little fuckers) and the smurfs started attacking the gnomes. I had no idea what the hell was going on, because i couldn't rationalize ne thing. Nothing to me was logical. I went back to the campsite and just sat, tripping out, watching the flames dance like graceful ballet dancers. At about 12 am i started to come down when my guy friend Alan had this bright idea... let's take a little bit more, just me and him. My boyfriend was so fucked he said he didn't care. So me and Alan took another 8th each and set off for the hills. We were on a mission to find his crushes campsite( which was about 8 km away uphill and through the trees). We left @ 12:30am b/c i remember looking at my watch. Neither me or Alan remember what happened after that but i do remember walking uphill for a long time. At 6:30am we ended up @ the lake (which was 3 km DOWNHILL from our campsite) I cannot recall ne thing for those 6 lost hours. It was like waking up from a peaceful sleep, while we wer walking towards the village. Alan claims we were abducted by aliens but then put back b/c we were intoxicated. I highly doubt that. But i had to say I came to my revelation @ 6:32 am... Those were the best damn shrooms i'd ever had and never to trust Alan with directions. Funny part of this story is I had to drive back to twon @ 9 am to go to work for 5 hours.... let me tell ya it wasn't pretty.

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