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true hallucination

Hawaiian copelandia 2.

Hawaiian copelandia 2.6g made into a tea. I felt the effect almost straight away @ about the 5 min mark. My body became extremely heavy and I felt tired and although I found it very difficult to move, I could not stop myself from doing so . After about 30 or 40 mins I soon became to feel my ego slipping away and my mind begin to change as well as my visual field. At this point I began to panic somewhat as I had never previously experienced ego death so quickly. It must have happened in the space of about 10 mins. My girlfriend who was with me for the experience who had taken 0.6 grams said something which I found absolutely hysterical (cant remember what it was now) and immediately my panic subsided and my consciousness was completely invaded by the mushrooms. My hole body was filled by an incredible light floaty energy and I could not stop talking. I was mixing real conversations with my girlfriend with non stop babble that seemed like nonsense but to me, was the very embodiment of meaning. The nonsense was incredibly loud in my head and I had to verbalise it.
I believe I experienced what Terrace Mckenna calls Glossolalia. . I checked the time to see how long ago I had taken the shrooms but could not work out the time no matter how many times I checked my watch. I then asked my girlfriend repeatedly what the time was and how long was it since we took the shrooms but time had ceased to have any meaning for me. The numbers no longer had any significance attached to them. I felt full of joy, happiness and incredibly light and just wanted to fly. In fact I said as much (something like "I want to saw through the universe" or "Im master of the universe!") But I have no recollection of this.
I felt as though the mushrooms were showing me how playful they could be.
As to Hallucinations, as far as I was concerned the hotel room was a bit wobbly/shimmery but nothing major. I later found out how wrong I was. The second half of the trip was strange.
My girlfriend kept doing exactly the same things over & over & over again. She would light cigarette, smoke it, get up to close the curtains, go into the bathroom for what seemed like an eternity, (all the while, the shrooms continued babbling in my brain) and then return to our room and start the whole process over again. This happened a least 5 times! At one point my girlfriend seemed to turn into some kind of India goddess moving her arms as if doing an Indian dance. It was amazingly beautiful & erotic. Eventually I began to feel myself, the noise from outside grounding me. I regained my power of normal speech and began talking about the nights events. It transpired that my girlfriend had not in fact done the same thing over & over and I had hallucinated the whole thing. I still find this incredible as it seemed as real as the computer screen I am now staring at. I must have been completely transported to an alternate reality but a reality set within the confines of our room. During this period the room seemed absolutely normal too me. No tracing or distortions what so ever. I have never experienced an hallucination to real. Anyway as we went to sleep I felt as if my body was filled with golden shimmering light. I could feel it throughout my entire being. I silently thanked the mushrooms for this glorious feeling. Later on in the night my girlfriend suddenly woke up and exclaimed " I can see a little toot. She's tiny!"
We both laughed hysterically and finally went to sleep. This was easily the most magical mushroom experience I have ever had. Amazing!

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