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Good trip gone bad

well the trip was about a level 4, like a very low level 4, but definitely more powerful than the last time i dosed.

well the trip was about a level 4, like a very low level 4, but definitely more powerful than the last time i dosed. this time i took 3 1/2 pretty good pez with my friend whom also took a 3 1/2 hit dose with me over at my house.
my friend arrives at around 6 and we set up my room for tripping. we get in my jacuzzi at around 7:30 and each eat 3 1/2 pez and wait a few minutes. not wanting to start tripping with my mom just a few steps away inside the house, we get out of the jacuzzi and go up to my room. we wait for about 45 minutes for it to start working and i thought we got bunk shit so i got pissed, but i regained hope when i started seeing rainbows around every lit source in my room, and the trip came on pretty fast after that. when i was in the laughing stage of my trip my mom suddenly called on my phone and said Get down here now!
so we go downstairs and my mom says that theres a jimi hendrix bio on tv, coincidentally, and she makes us watch it. this is where the trip starts coming on hard and i can barely control my laughing. this is also where i started seeing clear OEV on the tv so i start freakin so i just tell my mom that were goin back up and we dont really want to watch it.
at this point, about 9:30 or so, we are trippin fairly well and my mom again calls me and says that she wants us to sleep downstairs so we go down and set up beds and start watchin alice in wonderland, but were bored. hell i didnt want to sit in a fucking bed for my whole trip watchin alice so my friend and i go back up to my room.
i dont remember much until the peak was about to hit, and i remember my mind becoming more and more cloudy and i kept hearing so many thoughts at once in my head i thought i was gonna burst. so my friend and i are in my loft in my room, peakin, listening to like ummagumma and jimi hendrix. we are havin a blast enjoying everything the peak has to offer, until we notice were definitely coming down (about maybe 12:30 or 1:00) and we start getting depressed. this is where the bad trip starts coming on. were both saddened that the trip was ending and i was trying to make the best of it but my friend wasnt having too much fun and just wanted to go to sleep. after much debate i finally agreed and we started our way downstairs when suddenly i hear my friend saying--
"Sean your mom is calling you." these words literally stopped my heart and i was freaking but to try and not make it look suspicious i walked into her room. i walked up to her bed where she had a little desklight on and she said: "so what were you doing in there?" i did almost everything wrong at this point bcuz my moms face was melting on the sides (so scary) and bcuz i couldnt concentrate on just one thing at a time. i simply replied we were playing on my computer. she said "I thought your computer didnt work..." ... i was so scared at this point i stupidly replied "Oh it doesnt" and she said "But you just said you were playing on it!" and i said Ya we were...and i was getting super scared. she knew my mind was fucked and she said "Tell me what youre on!" i had enough sense to know not to say acid and not to say nothing so i just said we were on weed. she was very pissed and her face kept melting more and more and she just looked like the scariest thing i have ever seen...i went back downstairs after her speech to where my friend was lying in bed watching alice in wonderland, and he knew we were fucked over. my trip at this point went literally to hell and i was freaking out and couldnt enjoy anything. so were lying there in the dark watching alice in wonderland and im freaking out what my moms gonna do to me the next day! my friend was trying to calm me down but i was just so terrified that i couldnt even tell if i was breathing anymore. the tv was bothering me and i couldnt remember what the controls were to turn it off and i spent about 10 minutes on the controller fumbling and i finally did it. my friend was sound asleep and i was not even anywhere near tired so i became very uneasy anxious and scared. when i would look outside my trees were just kaleidoscopes of freaky as hell cheschire cat faces...i could kind of "hear" them plotting against me and chuckling...i just felt like id gone insane for the rest of my life and i thought my mom was gonna never let me see any of my friends for the rest of my life in her house...i was just totally freakin for about 2 hours in bed until i finally fell asleep at around 4 or 5 am...this was a little over two months ago and this was also the last time i tripped, bcuz of how bad that trip was...im tripping again next week tho AWAY FROM MY HOUSE with my same friend...my mom finally regave trust to me! sorry for the lack of visual details i just dont remember them that well

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