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Prom Trip

It was just after the senior prom when I decided to trip for the first time.

It was just after the senior prom when I decided to trip for the first time. The limo dropped us off at the house of one of my friends who was having a party at about 2:00. I had to change out of my tux, so I got a ride from a friend to my house. There, I changed and picked up 4 grams of psilocybe cubensis, which I grew using PF Tek. On the way back to the party, I finished 2 grams and then at the party I finished the rest. It took about 45 minutes for the shrooms to take. The party was supposed to be dry, but everyone had drinks hidden. When the parents found some of the alcohol, they got extremely mad and everyone decided it was better to leave than face their wrath. We all went down to where the cars were parked and I decided to lean against one of the cars to chill out. It was there that I started to feel the effects. I am normally a pretty quiet person and I noticed that I was talking a lot more than usual, but that could have just been the effects of the alcohol. While I was leaning against the car, my friends knew I was begining to trip, so they started messing with me and doing crazy shit like talking in strange languages and jumping around. I was still ok enough to realize this and I got pissed off and knocked one of them to the ground. I went back to the car and then I started to see patterns in everything. I looked at the concrete and I saw a strange geometric pattern that was very soothing to look at. Three of my friends and I decided to crash at one of their houses, so I got in one of the cars. The car was a wonderful experience. I think this was partly because some music was playing. The patterns were coming in all around me. There were geometric shapes first of threes, then fours, then fives, etc. The lines in the road were no longer straight and colors were everywhere. My friends told me later that when I was talking I had a strange sense of logic and mystical analysis of everything. I also started to realize that I couldn't remember what I had done a few minutes ago, or what I had said. My memory was very bad. We finally arrived at the house at 4:00 and I had to take a piss. It was then that I started to lose control. I knew I couldn't hit the toilet, so I went out to the balcony and took a piss. The pine needles on the trees started to forms faces, all staring at me. I thought this was cool, but a little scary. I went back inside and my friends were having some cookies. I took one, but my hand took control and crushed it. I didn't even realize I was doing this until I looked at my hand and the crushed cookie. We then decided to watch a little hockey on TV. This was also pretty cool. All the players had images with four shadows streaking behind them. This was a very cool effect. My friends continued to try to fuck with me by talking in a strange language and after a while I coldn't tell if they were or not. The pattern on the wall and on the carpet started to move around in a mesmerizing way and I realized that I had a very narrow field of view for some reason. We all decided to go to bed and they left me in my own room on a couch with lots of pillows. The next part was pretty cooland probably the best part. I kinda knew that the trip went in phases and I knew I was in a new phase. While in the dark room I just layed back and thought about different things. I had a strange and profound insight into everything. I also found that I could make objects morph into different things. I thought that this was very cool and it made me laugh because it was going to be great to tell my friend about what a great trip it was. My emotions were also changing very rapidly from happy to sad to confused. I decided to go upstairs to watch TV. I found the remote , but I couldn't figure out what it said, so I just pushed a button. I found that I could make the TV go to a channel I wnated by pushing the buttons. My friends told me later that they saw me clicking at a blank screen. I decided to go back down to the couch and sleep. I then entered another phase. This part was extremely scary for me and is hard to explain. I went to lie on the couch to sleep and I lost control of my body. The room was really dark and no one was around. I started to really go crazy. I was constantly moving and jerking around. I was tearing at my shirt and I couldn't sit still. I didn't know what I was doing or if I really was doing it. I was twisting around on the couch very fast and falling off. I didn't realize what I was actually doing until I could see it. My reactions were very delayed. I almost bit off my finger and there are bad scratches on my head because of this. I really had to go to the bathroom, so I got up and walked to the bathroom. I really couldn't control what I was doing and everything was happening so fast. I washed my face in the sink and droplets appeared everywhere around the room. I looked at my refelction and it seemed distorted and double. My eyes and face began to melt away with the water. I left the bathroom and looked into one of the rooms where my friends were sleeping. They really looked like zombies. I was really scared and when I turned away there were zombies everywhere. I ran back to the couch to try to sleep, but I couldn't. I looked at my watch to see how much longer this jerking and crazyness was going to last, but I couldn't really read the time. I decided on a time and I involutarily looked at my watch every few minutes or seconds. With all the action seconds felt like hours and I also realized that at some points I wasn't breathing and I had to force myself to breathe. I really felt like I was going to be trapped in insanity forever. Reality was really fading away even though I tried every second to find it again. I remember that at that time I knew what it felt like to be crazy in an insane assylum and I thought that I might be like those people that go crazy after one trip. I didn't want that to happen, but reality was fading and my insanity was increasing. With all this happening and my mind racing, I started to forget what had happened that day and what happened in my life. I couldn't picture my family or anything that had happened. It was very scary. I decided to go upstairs and try to counteract what was happening by watching a movie. I put in the movie Remember the Titans and everyones face was distorted and strange, but I felt better. There was not as much jerking around and I knew the shrooms were dying down. I finally was able to control myself and I just sat there watching the movie until I saw no more srange effects. This was around 8:00. Some parts of my trip were really cool, but the last part was really bad and left a scar on my life. If I do shrooms again, it won't be for a while and it won't be as much. My advice to people who want to do shrooms is: 1. While tripping, never be alone---always have someone there for you. 2. Always have some light nearby. 3.Always be doing something like watching TV or listening to music. 4. Remember that things some things aren't real. 5. Have fun. 6. Always try to get back to reality.(If you have a bad experience, you will know what I am talking about.) -Toasty

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