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Strange Journey

Last weekend i was sitting alone at home with nothing to do.

Last weekend i was sitting alone at home with nothing to do. All my friends were off at sports events or away somewhere else and it was the first saturday in a year or so where i haven't gone out and done something. I ate 4 grams of mushrooms i purchased at my school (i don't know what kind they are) quickly but made sure i mushed em up in my mouth really good before i swallowed them. I knew my parents weren't going to be home until late that night and it was 2 in the afternoon so i had plenty of time.

I sat out on my porch and smoked a few bowls out of my water bong waiting for the mushrooms to hit. I got pretty stoned and actually forgot about the shrooms until i felt them about 40 minutes later. I was eating a sandwich and when i took a bite out of it i noticed that it felt really strange in my mouth. I put the sandwich down and looked at it. The edges seemed kinda discolered but mostly blurry, kinda liquidy.
I finished the sandwich and went onto my computer and started listening to some Mp3's.
I got really into the songs i wsa listening to and the music sort of put me into a transe like state.
About twenty minutes later the light from the moniter was too bright so i put a bunch of techno songs on the playlist and shut the moniter off.
I listened to the music more but again the lights in the hallway and from the window wer really bothering me so i go up and went into the bathroom (the only room with no wondows). I shut off the light and went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet.
I could really feel the shrooms now. I was resting my head on my hand and they both felt very numb.
I kept on thinking of concepts that normally would never cross my mind. I kept on thinking of the simplest unit in the universe. When I closed my eyes I could see an atom but then i could go into the atom and there where all these crazy colors and ideas that seemed to enter me at my disposal.
I indulged in this treasure box i had seemed to find, and kept thinking of cell divison (or something).
I tried to open my eyes but when i did i could still see everything i could when my eyes were closed only now i could see them better.
Soon all the objects in the room started to move together and formed a gelotanous ball of color and eventually it shrunk.
I put my hand out and i swear i could feel something in front of me. I penetrated it with my fingers and on the other side was a bunch of blue springs wrapped around with each other.
They seemed out of reach but when i tried i could pick them up like they were small. I picked up two of them and placed them next to me but when i tried to pick the other ones up they disolved like sand.
Soon a man stood in front of me. I felt like i wsa controlling him but I conciously could not.
He opened his mouth but a million sounds came out at once.
I got up and followed him through a 19th century type house to the outside. Outside there was no one and i noticed that everything seemed too crisp. It was like someone jacked up the resolution of the earth by a trillion pixels. I could see all the detail on everything.
The man was gone, i can't remember what happened to him.
I sat down on the ground and looked around. Soon it felt as if reality was slipping away an it felt like i was dying. Soon my head hurt and everything was dark.
I stood up and suddenly everything was over. I wasn't in the bathroom though i was siting next to my bike in my back yard. I went into my house through the back and discovered the front door was wide open.
My heart was pumping and my stomach hurt really bad for a few seconds but then it went away.
I eventually calmed down and at some stoned wheat thins and started watching some TV.

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