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chess with death

first off i would like to clear up the fact that i trip often and hard so it was hard to pick just one to write about.

first off i would like to clear up the fact that i trip often and hard so it was hard to pick just one to write about. i thought for a bit and decided to write about my "chess with death" trip, not because its the best or most powerfull trip i ever had but just because it was fun as hell.
ok. it was a friday night around 6pm when me and my friend got back to my house with a nick of shroomes we just ot our hands on. (normally i trip on acid because its cheeper and EZ'er to get, but when ever i can get my hands on some mushrooms i make it into an event.)so we split it up 50-50 and started munch'n. i ate mine str8, i luv the taste of shroomes, and my friend made a peanutbutter sandwiches. any way we ate them and that was that. after we were done with our "meal" we walk down to the beach, we lived on a lake in upstate NY. so we walked down to the beach to watch the sunset, it was awsome. we were in the middle of a conversation about our future and stuff like that when i noticed that great numbness set over my body and the involuntery smile rise on my lips. i didnt say anyhting just kept talking i knew that my friend knew what happened, it wasnt too long after that i saw that same look on his face. he stoped talking looked at me and said "dude..." in a calme voice and all i replayed was "welcome!" by then it was dark out and we decided to atke a wlak around the lake.
the lake isnt all that big and there are only about 3 street lamps and they are only at intersections of dirt roads we were walking around and it felt like we were walking on jello it was awsome. after a bit of the jello thing it was like we were on the moon and totaly weightless. so it was like we were walking with an amazing bouce in our step. we made it to the bigger beach and decided to lie down on the sand and look up at the starz. when we did i saw a huge indian head in the sky that look like one of those "magic eye" 3D posters, i asked it "what is the path i must take to reach my spiritual self?" it said "truth...saty true to you and yours and you will emerge in full"
after that we walked some more when we were at an intersection with a dim street light when all of a sudden i saw death come out of the shadows, i walked up and chalenged it to a game of chess it laughed turned around and was gone

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