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cub dreams

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Although this is not an actual trip report it does however pertain to mushrooms for the fact that i believe the dream was so unlike my typical dreams that the influence of the shrooms was obvious. I had taken a high dose the previous evening and the effects were very evident the following day right on until bedtime, perhaps i will try to dose earlier in the evening. The dream is an actual recording taken at 4 30 in the morning courtesy of my mini recorder wich i keep under my pillow for the sake of reconstructing dreams on paper for future analization. The following is a word for word documentation of that dream........(click).. This dream pertains to Me, Brian, Gary, and mike, aparently its Ovides birthday and the company bought everybody pizza and chicken, we go into the lunchroom at work and everyone starts to eat, i start giving ovide shit for eating the pizza right over the box letting little pieces of bacon fall back onto the pizza. After yelling at him i see a strange bumble bee come into view, it was very large, about the size of a hummingbird, and looked like, like one of those, um , pixie things, a small fairy, anyway it starts to fly at these two ladies, these pretty girls, i never seen them before, i dont know who they are but theyre screaming, the bee flies into one of the girls hair and she is terrified, so i jump up from the table and say, thats it, im gonna kill that thing, just then the room turns really dark but i can still see everything, its wierd, i run into a doorway into the wall witch just appears in front of me, i start to dig around a small dresser in the room and find a red towel, i pick it up and just then the bee flies into the room with me, so i run out closing the door behind me, the bee is still inside and the door vanishes, i trip and hit the other wall, i rest my body on a red velvet footstool and see a fly come out of it, it jumps on the wall and turns into the stupid bee again, it flies at the girls again so i yell at it very loud, it starts to turn and flies back at me, as it flies through the room the table with the food is replaced with two blue sofas that are back to back, the bee flies in a small space between the sofas and goes out of sight, i get up and dive toward the end of the sofas to catch the bee with my hands, i grab something in flight as i hit the ground on my back, i roll and lift my head and arm up and open my hand, its a flourescent orange and green golfball that sort of glows, i then raise the ball in the air and squeeze it tightly as if to be triumphant, everyone in the room starts laughing at me, everything goes black and i wake up.....thats it (click). Although it seems rather silly i believe the dream was a complex riddle, it was like i was communicating in a language i dont understand with some outside force, the dream seems to portray the events of my life in some sophisticated compilation for someones viewing pleasure, the question is who? Its certainly not for me for i surely would not have remembered this short dream when i woke up. I also have noticed that on every mushroom trip i take, there is a point in the initial stages of the trip where fragments of dreams vividly appear, sometimes the dreams are years old. I believe that there is some sort of link between dreams and tripping, perhaps the mushroom trip is similar to the first minutes of slipping into the unconcious dream state, where no one ever sees exactly what happens,perhaps we go through some sort of death rehearsal every night and join momentarily with the other side, the mushrooms trip has also been dubbed the death rehaearsal at higher doses. The curious part about sleep is that without it, like an extreme insomniac, you eventually slip into a coma and die. Maybe one must stay in close contact with death to prevent it. If you read this far i ask you to draw your own conclusions about this, im not sure what the dream meant exactly, maybe you can decipher my mushroom dream. peace

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