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all by myself

I had bought an eighth of shrooms from one of my friends a couple days b4.

I had bought an eighth of shrooms from one of my friends a couple days b4. I went to work and came home I was so bored all my friends were not around so then I thought to myself "Im bored and I have shrooms hhmmmmmmmmmmmmm". So naturally I ate them. I started eating them just plain shrooms (I dont like the taste but I also dont mind it that much). About halfway through the bag I felt a little stoned not tripping yet so i decided to take a bath ( I havent taken a bath in years its always just showers). So I bring the bag and my radio in the bathroom and take a bath. I believe I was listening to black sabbath when it happened. Im just sitting in the bath chillin eating some more shrooms and I look to my feet. I see my legs growing longer at a rapid rate and my feet getting far away from me. I was like whoa. So i decide its time to get out now but before that happened a fish jumped out of the bath and splashed me. I knew the fish wasnt real just the shrooms efect but I felt the splash of water that was real. So I get out of the tub dry off get dressed and relax in my room. I still have about a 1/4 of the bag left so I go to the kitchen and get a couple of fruit roll ups. I put the shrooms in the fruit roll up and rool it up like a burrito. I ate two shroom burritos and start to watch a movie. About half hour into the movie i realized something, I was on the cieling. Thats what it felt like anyway, I was just feeling like there was no gravity and my room was turned upsidedown like my floor was the ceiling and my ceiling was the floor. I was accepting this fact knowing it was the shrooms and continued watching the tv. Next what happened was I decided to get up and get a glass of oj. About 15 minutes after i thought of the oj I finally got up. Im walking through my room still feeling the upsidedowness in my room and go to my door and open it. As soon as i opened my door it was reality. I look back at my room and it was still in its own trip. So i go through the house laughing to myself outloud at how fucked up I am, get a drink looking around the house not seeing any visuals just feeling masively stoned. I go back to my room but b4 i go I pass a mirror and I look at it. I see me in the mirror only its not me its my mirrorland self capable of moving without me and his own thought. I look at him for what seems a half hour and decide to go back to my room. I go back to my room open the door and its still a trip world. I go in and see shit flying around pictures on my wall moving all sorts of trippy shit. Its now about 1 in tha morning and i have work at 530. Im still trippin face so I dont try to go to sleep I decide to roll a blunt to my head. It took about a halfhour to roll the weed (I was so wrecked). The halucinations calmed down, no more upside down room or nothing just seeing trails and breathing walls , normal stuff. I light the blunt and decide to call my friend (not realizing its about 230 in tha morning). I call him and tell him the story of my trip and hes just laughing at me. The blunt was done I was talking to matt for like an hour, hour and a half and decide to try and sleep b4 work in a hour. I wake up its 5 still seeing trails after taking the shrooms at around 7-8 the previous night and i go to work. This trip definetly beats the time the moon fell out of the sky and landed on me. Well thats my trip. It happened like 1 and a half years ago and i still remember it like it was yesterday. Im planning on doing shrooms in the near future (like tommorow) Ill be sure to tell u guys all about it.
peace alf

oh yeah p.s.
I dont recomend trippin all by yourself if you dont have much expierience cause it will bug you out. Ive done acid and shrooms before so I thought I would be safe of freaking out, but still at some points in the trip I bugged a little (like the mirror man). l8er again.

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