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Your Reflection

The mushroom galaxy is unfolding, We took it and it began its molding.

The mushroom galaxy is unfolding,
We took it and it began its molding..
Our egos tripped beyond compare
I stood there watching the darkest lair
The clock spun clockwise, then reverse
My thoughts once straight suddenly traverse.
A path we walked, so deep it seemed
The golden lights, their power gleamed.
It started easy, jolts within
My emotions resisted, my feelings spin
I glanced above, the stalagmites were bent
I dropped to my knees, I began to repent
Oh why did I take these dreaded things,
Oh why in my ears do these voices sing.
Quick I spoke, run towards the light
For soon the fear began to strike
We grabbed on tight to what we knew,
The inside of my cheek I did chew
My stomach knotted, my soul did blaze
I hope to pass this dreaded phaze..
Soon we ran, too fast to tell..
We ran deeper into this hell
What we thought was safety, serene and true
turned out to be a reflection of you.

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Fear or no fear, roll the dice...

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